Friday, November 14, 2008

The Truth of JadeBlade

  • Characters: Aramir, Hadith, Janora, Karne, Pardonei, Rog, Sentalial, Teldowen
  • NPCs: Grem the Cooper, Rellun Sherry
  • Synopsis: At The Verse, Adventurers find food scarce but enjoy a hot bowl of mushroom soup. Grem the husband of Tess Bur’Dvay drowns his sorrows at his failing marriage and his changed wife. His tale is interrupted by Rellun Sherry who drops the head of a grimlock on the table of the Adventurers. He knows that some of them snuck into his house and found the carved tunnels below Threshold, but he also knows that there are more of these creatures that he killed. He cops to underhanded dealings with Tess, but that she has become eratic and disappeared. For the sake of the town the guild must eliminate this underground threat and bring Tess to justice. The party enters the tunnels to find bizarre creatures and a madman protecting a stolen treasure horde. After further exploration they are attacked by a hidden assailant who flees through the tunnels. Following the coward the discover more trap doors to other buildings, including one leading to beneath the dais of the town hall. Tracking the attacker the Adventurers follow footsteps in the falling snow to the small cottage of the town’s healer and potion-maker Kline. The steps continue to the rear of the cottage and up to the cemetery and stop at an unmarked grave. A false entrance hides a mass grave that includes a recently seen JadeBlade, but this one still clutches the dwarf’s prized heirloom waraxe.
  • Encounters: arachnoid mouther, Joko Mole-Check, two displacer beasts, unseen assailant
  • Achievements: uncovered the secret tunnels of Threshold, recovered stolen goods and items (including a royal crown of an unknown kingdom and the Ring Gate of Emae Oxa), as well as the bodies of JadeBlade and other townsfolk.

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