Friday, November 14, 2008

Other Adventurers

  • Dorian Seven Seeker – elf sorcerer, former apprentice of Mikhailis, and one of only a handful of survivors of the Lothenar Elves.
  • Gallipolas Slendertree – elf druid, friend of the Army of Natures Wrath
  • Krullix – half-elf rogue, abandoned his shady past to join the guild for magic and money. His quiet demeanor is joined with his deadly accuracy with the crossbow.
  • Lord Hraban Peterov – novice wizard, learned from a university
  • Lord Topaz – hawk-nosed bounty hunter, mercenary and assassin, the human’s close ties to Westgate keep him out of Threshold, for now. Always eager to fulfill a contract Lord Topaz has no master save for coin. He carries many names throughout the lands including Hierem Gold.
  • Mackaten Softfoot – halfling rogue, wanderer of the Realms
  • Mariel – delusional visionary paladin of Heironious, plagued with nightmares and visions
  • Marlet Leafgallow – halfling rogue from Westgate, adopted daughter of Gul the Grim and rider of mastiff named Unger
  • Maulgrim Ivoryblade – human Paladin warrior of Tyr from Suzail
  • Roywyn – fabled gnome bard from Westgate
  • Saynt Hibbins – wily and crafty ranger, who likes his drink and his women, in no particular order
  • Turd and Callador – guild cleaners and horse keepers, periodic watchmen and greeters. Both have had mild success in their adventuring careers and remain affiliated with the guild for protection and purpose. Former man-servant of Faliz, Turd is a follower of Zamboni, a god only he knows and speaks with, a god that brought him back from death. Callador is a young elf sorcerer who regrets his path, always believing he should have been a warrior.

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