Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Revenge of the Master Scryer Saluth

  • Characters: Hlinthi, Lazbin, Nobanion, Rathgillian, Softfoot, Trizoon, V.L., Zaytheon
  • NPCs: Kirken, Saluth
  • Synopsis: Uninterested in the tracking of the Historian, Lazbin and Rathgillian return to Threshold to enjoy the relative seclusion the town offers. The better part of a tenday is spent researching new spells and finally relaxing after what seems like a lifetime of adventuring. Softfoot meets the two at the Verse updating them on the failed negotiations between Dorian and the Wizards of Tendale. The halfling had excused himself, choosing not to indulge in the quest for the Historian any longer. More interested in their research, Softfoot suggests the local sage Julbin Cometstrike for additional information on spell mastery and unusual arcane knowledge. The three make for the mage’s hut, but their inquiry is summarily checked when the mage’s brownie apprentice doesn’t recognize them. Kirken suggests friendlier faces from the guild hall and shuts the door. Undeterred Lazbin and Rathgillian recruit several other friendly faces, gathering the quasi-leaders of the Adventurers’ Guild of Threshold Trizoon, Hlinthi, and Nobanion. Zaytheon and V.L. recognize their sometimes companions and journey along for the ride, more interested in the updates with the Historian and the Army of Nature’s Wrath than any sorcery. Appearing on the snowed-over streets near Jublin’s hut, a cluster of vile and disgusting demons magically appears. Standing behind them, cackling about revenge and death, is Saluth. Instinctively both Lazbin and Rathgillian reach for their amulets of non-detection, realizing too late that they adorn different amulets. The gnome illusionist Ninove had warned them about the master scryer’s abilities, but it went unheeded. The cursing and gnashing of teeth is unrelenting and with a wave of his hand Saluth releases the devils on the group. The targets of the devil are instantly recognized as both Rathgillian and Lazbin are directly attacked. A swarm of miniaturized devils envelopes Lazbin but before he can retaliate, Saluth wickedly casts the feeble mind spell upon the blood mage, swiping his intellect. Reverting to his true instincts, Lazbin flies into the frosty sky to escape. The other devils form an effective front for Saluth, but Rathgillian accepts the inevitable hits as his charges his nemesis and assaults Saluth directly. The assassin devil vanishes, striking from its hidden niche. The legion devils act as one unit, striking with unerring accuracy at the heroes. The tide turns when Rathgillian critically wounds Saluth and Hlinthi follows with a flame strike, bathing the wizard in a shower of fire. The combination overwhelms Saluth’s defenses and his charred corpse crumbles into the bloodied snow. Concentrating on their remaining enemies, the group surrounds their invisible foe after ending the legion devil collective. With the strike force dismantles the assassin devil and the devil swarm vanishes without a trace. A quick assessment of Lazbin yields uneasy results. His feeble mind can only be healed by the magic of the druid Gallipolas who is miles from Threshold in the vast that is the Orsraun Mountains.
  • Encounters: Saluth, four legion devils, an assassin devil, and an ayperobos swarm
  • Achievements: killed the master scryer for the Forces of Mystenaculis, recognized the importance of wearing Mikailis’ amulets of non-detection.

The Intercept of the Divine Hammer

  • Characters: Aramir, Dorian, Forkbeard, Gallipolas, Jebeddo, Karne, Krullix
  • NPCs: Mikailis, the Divine Hammer
  • Synopsis: At the rendezvous point, the group surprises two trolls investigating the decaying husk of the nine-headed hydra and quickly deals with the minor obstruction. Teleporting back to Reddansyr after the failed negotiations with the Wizards of Tendale, Dorian brings his companions to face Mikailis. The former apprentice is curt and reluctantly informs his old master of their progress, or more accurately their regress. Words are not lost between the two as Dorian lets the leader of the League of Wizards know that the elf intends to see this through. Mikailis can only offer a suggestion. The master wizard is aware of safe house used by the Wizards of Tendale on occasion. If the exchange is to occur, it is likely at this location. He then locates a trail out of Gulthmere Forest, a path to the safe house. Dorian gathers the others and exhausts his teleportation to bring them to Kelvin. It is a two-day march to the trail and another half-day of forced march to reach the safe house. Well after sundown, the group encounters a magical sphere. Aramir scouts ahead only to be spotted by a shape changer. As a polar bear, the beast throttles the halfling before reinforcements have a chance to act. Melee erupts as the polar bear is flanked by three others emerging from the protective bubble. Forkbeard charges into combat but the other three become entangled in Dorian’s summoned tentacles. The polar bear is the first to fall and Aramir is quickly brought back from the brink of death. Cries from the group leader reveal two names: Mahguvial and Otiluke. But no remorse is offered for the other three as their role in the ambush yields retribution. Inspecting the cart escorted by the Divine Hammer, they find only a large chest with too many gold coins to count. The small fortune in gold pieces reveals that it was only payment involved for the trade as this was no doubt the envoy of the Army of Nature’s Wrath. Standing in blood-stained snow, the group wonders what they have resorted to and is there a line between justice and revenge being crossed. Is the long arm of the Shadow Lord manipulating them too?
  • Encounters: two hill trolls, the Divine Hammer
  • Achievements: Intercepted the Army of Nature’s Wrath’s payment for the exchange of the Historian, annihilated the Divine Hammer

Backfired Negotiations with the Wizards of Tendale

  • Characters: Aramir, Dorian, Forkbeard, Gallipolas, Krullix, Softfoot
  • NPCs: tavern owner of the Old Dung Cow Rick Meros, leader of the Wizards of Tendale Lady Nerisis, pick-pocket Frootilin, Leord Falconflight, wizard apprentice Ylathera Hollisharp
  • Synopsis: Dorian teleports back to Threshold to ensure that the spell is now accurate. After losing precious time to the teleportation snare, the group arrives in Geron behind schedule including those more inclined for stealth and/or negotiation. Three days of travel result in the comrades arriving outside of the city, but also a potential meal for a multi-headed hydra. The creature is immediately destroyed but offers a savory meal for Forkbeard who enjoys the flash-fried hydra meet. The neutral city of Tendale is in fact intact and prospering from wartime trade. A street urchin unfortunately selects the group as a thieving target and is quickly brought down after a brief chase. Dorian magicks him to be their guide and the party ends up at the sage Leord Falconflight’s small store Books & More. The elder sage puffs his pipe and offers his contacts with the wizards’ council of Tendale. Well met and invited, the wizard of the highest order Lady Nerisis speaks softly and kindly to the party. Talks include mention of the Historian and the female wizard offers greater insight to the trade deal. The druids of Cedarspoke have countered with exclusive trade rights as well as a dowry for the exchange of the Historian. A deal was already struck with the Council of the Divine and the exchange is to occur in three days. The Divine Hammer, a militant group representing the Council, is already enroute for the drop. Acting as the spokesman for the group Dorian attempts to intercept the deal with trade rights with Teziir as well as matching the offer. Lady Nerisis is reluctant and excuses herself to discuss the offer with the other members of the council. Dorian’s interpretation is that the offer is being rejected outright and the elf decides that magic may help sway Lady Nerisis’ opinion. The spell fails and the female vacates the room sounding the alarm. With only seconds to react the group makes an escape route disintegrating the room’s wall to the outside. Repositioning themselves for the inevitable attack, they turn their attention to the gathering of forces outside of the chamber. Dorian’s delayed blast fireball spell goes horribly wrong when a massive fire elemental returns it to the elf, igniting the whole room in a bath of fire. Their boy guide Frootilin is incinerated in the blast. A small force of elementals follows suit and a massive battle breaks out. Fighting through to their last options, the group finally destroys the elementals but another platoon of soldiers under the protection of spells advances. Out of time and out of luck, the group retreats to the identified rendezvous point, the carcass of the hydra.
  • Encounters: 9-headed hydra, large air, fire, and earth elementals, medium earth and fire elementals.
  • Achievements: ruined negotiations with the Wizards of Tendale for the exchange of the Historian, accidental death of an innocent child, eliminated any good will that may have come with the potential allies, learned of the deal for the exchange of the Historian with the Council of the Divine of the Army of Nature’s Wrath.

Teleport Gone Awry

  • Characters: Aramir, Dorian, Gallipolas, Pardonei, Zaytheon
  • NPCs: Pandira, Wystamitch
  • Synopsis: Dorian and Gallipolas assemble the group to teleport into Geron to begin the hunt for the Historian. As the spell is cast the group finds themselves in a round room lined with a silvery lattice. It is not Geron. Enclosed within a tower somewhere on the shores of the Sea of Fallen Stars, Dorian’s spell has failed. From below, two human females Pandira and Wystamitch climb the stairs and make introductions. They too were errantly teleported into this tower, and are separated from their companions. Having been at this location for some time, their exploration has found the escape but it is guarded by some fearsome creature. Gallipolas suspects their timely arrival, but focuses on gathering information about their current whereabouts. Leaving the tower as a small bird, it takes a fraction of an hour for Gallipolas to decipher their whereabouts. But the elf also finds the potential source of their problems. On the floor above them, a massive crystal resonates magic. The group ascends the stairs to investigate further, at which point two eel-like creatures with hideous faces strike from a hidden niche. Working well as a unit, the companions deal quickly with the threat. Dorian destroys the crystal device with a sonic blast that reverberates throughout the level, painfully striking the group itself. But the device is no more, only a pile a crystal shards. The two females they encountered earlier reappear only to attack the off-put group. As the battle quickly turns against the female humans, they attempt to flee, only to be cut down before their portal collapses. Observing that the wizard’s teleportation spell was successful, Dorian collects the others and vanishes from the tower, free from its magical clutches.
  • Encounters: a wizard, a fighter, two nagas
  • Achievements: destroyed the teleportation trap.