Friday, November 14, 2008

The Slumber of Los Calzo

  • Characters: Ilora, Ildric, Wicasa
  • NPCs: Nerius Bootlum, Aldila, Los Calzo
  • Synopsis: Nerius hires Adventurers to investigate the disappearance of the accomplished gnome artificer Los Calzo. The master arcanist and wondrous item crafter has not answered calls for more than a tenday and, as far a Nerius knows, he hasn’t left his abode in Threshold. The group meets the dwarf lamp lighter Aldila who lets them access her peer’s laboratory. The group battles through the built-in defences of the stronghold and rescue Los Calzo from his coffin of slumber, a magical item was crafting for a client of his named Gareth Dragonsbane.
  • Encounters: sword blade golem, clockwork canine, black pudding disposal, animated librarian chair, six monstrous spiders
  • Achievements: gained Los Calzo as a friendly contact, Wicasa commissions a cape of the mountebank, and they uncover a portal to the dwarven City of Stonecliff at Thunderpeak Mountain.

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