Friday, November 14, 2008

Town Rumors

  • the haunted keep that once cast an eerie shadow across the town has been leveled, but its refugee spirits still roam the town at night
  • a humanoid bat has been sighted several times a tenday but no evidence is uncovered
  • a thieves guild may be in operation as merchants and townsfolk have reported theft and illegal activities
  • no one knows the ultimate fate of the town’s original occupants
  • an abandoned (or exterminated) guild hall lies beneath the rubble of the keep
  • tunnels of the Underdark lie beneath the town, as do a network of duergar tunnels
  • the adjacent Knight’s Sway forest is home to a monstrous white wolf
  • a regional conflict threatens to swallow up the Dragon Coast, and the town has been defended numerous times
  • strange creatures inhabit the surrounding forests

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