Saturday, November 15, 2008

Leviathan of Reddansyr

  • Characters: Dalthon, Illdric, Quallen, Teldowen, Wicasa
  • NPCs: Gandios Laffabar (halfling owner of the Giant’s Folly), Patriarch Thyrius Jorman (human cleric of Oghma), Circle of Holundi contingent (Maulgrim, Bixtbi, Zeluthian, Purple Knights of Cormyr), Tarlos (Purple Knight tactician)
  • Synopsis: Teldown, Wicasa, and Dalthon deviate from their course to Teziir at Jebeddo’s insistence. They bring their prisoner Melgornarni to Reddansyr to get an update on the battle against the Black Legion. The Circle of Holundi has refortified the north side of the bridge and their efforts along with inclement weather have impeded the giant-kinds’ efforts to move north. Tarlos, an intelligent tactician of the Purple Knights of Cormyr, finds historical records of a caged kraken in a natural cave network on the south shore of the River Reddan. If the creature can be released, it may prevent incursions from the Black Legion, but at the cost of stability. With the Circle of Holundi more mobile than the Black Legion, it is a risk they decide to take. The group accepts the quest and adventures into the partially submerged caves. They discover an abandoned kua-toa outpost that was rumored to be aligned with Reddansyr during the First Giant’s War. Long since evacuated, the group only finds undead, wild vegetation and fungi, and ever-living guardians. Reaching the kuo-toan priest’s chambers they release the kua-toa leviathan from its underwater prison.
  • Encounters: Trapped hall, poisoned air, kuo-toa mummy, dread blossom, lith guardian, statue of Blipdoolpool the Sea Mother, drowned kuo-toa priest, kuo-toa leviathan
  • Achievements: Discovered the caves of the kuo-toa, uncovered an access tunnel to the Upperdark, defeated the undead Drowned, released the kuo-toa leviathan from captivity, and orchestrated the break-up of the iced-over waters of the River Reddan eliminating crossing access for the Black Legion to the north shore.


  1. Did we catch the name of the Kraken we freed? Knowledge Local? Knowledge History? Even Umberlee herself shudders at the thought of this terror on the loose.

  2. It was a Kuo-Toa Laviathan. Now, the real question is, was the creature undead?