Friday, November 14, 2008

The Town of Threshold

The small town of Threshold lies on a rediscovered trade route between the port cities Westgate and Teziir. With the main route between the cities in constant peril due to the Second Giants War, travelers have utilized this long forgotten road that hugs the coast near Westgate and splits the woodlands as it nears Teziir. The town is a growing collective of merchants, smiths, ranchers, farmers and adventurers, and has greatly benefited from the recent traffic. Threshold’s hidden past has been buried as visitors and locals alike look to the uncertain future.

Population: approximately 900. Almost all townsfolk are human. The Adventurers Guild accounts for almost all of the town’s diversity. Travelers of all races pass through town.
Alignment: Neutral good
GP Limit: 800 gp (maximum value of any product offered)
Government: Informal town council once guided by the magistrate Jared Genore, it now includes Nobanion, Hlinthi, Tess Bur’Dvay, Rort Trizoon, Raxel, Kuvolt Bockelsdin, and Kline. Efforts have begun to draft the Threshold Compact, establish taxes and hire a sheriff. Town meetings are held twice every month at the townhall.
Defense: Adventurers Guild of Threshold and remnants of the Guild of the Naturalists. What began as a small group of like-minded adventurers has blossomed into a thriving guild of multifaceted individuals that compose an impressive force. The actions of the guild have provided the catalyst for rebirth of the town and growth of its significance in the region of the Dragon Coast.
Inns: The Verse (moderate quality, excellent service) was the only game in town, but the Cracked Helm (exceptional quality, moderate service) gambling hall now offers some of the same services.
Goods and Services: Yye-Biff’s Dry and Exotic Goods, Raxel’s Ranch and Stable, Merchant marketplace, Julbin Cometstrike for magic item identification, Grem the Cooper, Durz the Alchemist, Ven Jendif the Herbalist, Tannery, Forge

Temples: Hidden shrine of Garl Glittergold

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