Friday, November 14, 2008

Adventurers Guild of Threshold

  • Aramir – halfling ninja who escaped prisons in the Underdark to find adventure.
  • Bixtbie – deep gnome mystic hailing from the City of Splendors Waterdeep. Forever using his monocle, Bixtbie commands mysterious magic and forever dreams of returning to Waterdeep.
  • Cheynar Swiftrunner – catfolk scout, who was captured and enslaved to mine red glowing ore. She was freed and has served as a nightwatch of Threshold.
  • Crainich Ralistich – drow illusionist who escaped the Underdark city Menzoberrazan and practices his magicks in relative solitude. Crain is preparing himself for an extraordinary journey by crafting potions until funds are exhausted. Cackling has been heard coming from his room on more than one occasion.
  • Dalthon – human rogue, escaped prisoner of the red glowing ore mines
  • Dak Jendif - human fighter, master of the spiked chain, has seen his share of swords and sorcery. Briefly possessed by the spirit of Barrik, the fighter acquired some of the wizard’s power, but continued on his warrior’s path by developing his mastery of the exotic weapon.
  • Flannigan the Flamboyant, swashbuckler of the seas. Adorned with clothes as loud as he is, Flannigan uses his blade and gusto to defeat enemies and enjoy the spoils of battle.
    Hadith of the Deep Water Clan, desert ranger of Anauroch, seeking to honor his clan and especially his father, with discovered treasures.
  • Hlinthi Crystalfist, cleric of Garl Glittergold, of the Dalelands, has protected the guild with his healing and has constructed a shrine to his god nearby the town. His faith has given him visions regarding coming troubled times and his friend Trizoon has helped foster his skills as a drummer. Hlinthi has adopted the bardic skills from his companion.
  • Illdric, half-elf hexblade and bringer of chaos. Eternally reborn every day, the manic warrior spews warnings of a vast conspiracy to suppress the chaotic nature of life.
  • Ilora, female Wood elf rogue.
  • Janora Spelloyal, female human sellsword who escorted a merchant across the frozen neck of the Dragonmere and landed in Threshold. The ranger’s blade favors any gnoll that crosses her path, as she blames the vile race for destroying her family.
  • JadeBlade, deceased dwarf fighter who was brought back to life by Kline’s priests of Pelor. Recently guild members discovered his corpse in a mass grave still clutching his father’s prized dwarven waraxe, only hours after JadeBlade fought in battle with them.
  • Jebeddo, halfling wizard and AWOL scout of the Army of Nature’s Wrath. Fiercely loyal to the peaceful surface races, Jebeddo found his path tangential to that of the army he was commissioned in.
  • Jeth Trizoon, son of Rort and Nilly of the Verse fame, began his career in the footsteps of his parents taking up the mantle of bard. His adventures have introduced him to many new, strange and wonderful parts of the Dragon Coast, but nothing has been as profound as his experience with the gnome god Garl Glittergold. His innate divine powers have manifested since his multiple run-ins with the trickster god and he has accepted the blessings as a favored soul. Fiercely loyal to his companions, friends, and people of Threshold, he has taken up the self-appointed mantle of Sheriff of Threshold.
  • Karne, wild elf monk of Snake Wood Forest who was recently freed from the confinements of the gladiatorial arena of Westgate.
  • Laucian Galanodel, elf fighter who wields the largest great sword this side of the Sea of Fallen Stars. Known as Violent Lou (VL) among friends, the elf has a tendency to swing blades first and ask questions later. Lou chased kidnappers to Westgate and befriended Flagg Fletcher, ringmaster of the gladiatorial arena. He is loyal to Flagg and has kept his motifs for being in Threshold to himself.
  • Nobanion of Gulthmere Forest, named after the forest’s lion-god protector, hails from a tribe of human barbarians. Staunch defender and fearless leader, Nobanion has recently returned from the dead and taken up the position of Magistrate of Threshold.
  • Pardonei, half-elf sorceress, daughter of Julbin Cometstrike. Pardonei has journeyed with the guild, providing her array of magic when needed.
  • Qualen Shadowbourne, human warrior seeking answers from Kelemvor. The survivor of Shadowbourne Massacre, where his family was slaughtered and their estate burned to the ground, Qualen seeks justice and reason from a mysterious god.
  • Rog, half-orc barbarian fighter, who has crafted his attacks towards the art of mage-slaying. His spiked armor has pierced many enemies under his fierce and deadly grappling tactics. Having survived battles with devils and demon horses, Rog has returned to form after being captured and imprisoned by Barrik.
  • Rorymack “Mack” Bolger, sticky-fingered halfling rogue. Mack’s curiosity has led him on many adventurers and to many lands, even to the village of dead, but his escapades in the Dragon Coast has kept his attention for now.
  • Sentalial – aasimar paladin of Torm
  • Teldowen Eldertree, proud elf duskblade. Teldowen tolerates his non-elf companions while seeking lost or stolen elven artifacts as a member of the Torchbearers.
  • They Call Me Carn, exotic human monk from a distant land. Carn has been quiet as to his purpose and goals in the Dragon Coast, as he meticulously chronicles his adventures in his journal. His primary objectives have been described as to document his travels and to survive all encounters. Carn’s benefactors remain safely anonymous.
  • Trebbor Smallcanyon, gold dwarf barbarian who speaks slowly but surely. Traveling the lands of the Dragon Coast, Trebbor seeks to defend and protect her clan in the Giant’s Run Mountains by investigating evil armies that conspire against tribe.
  • Vindicus Bloodthorn, elf wizard from Westgate, pursues the craft and knowledge of the arcane. Intolerant of all non-elves, Vindicus seeks power. He secreted knowledge from his father’s library to further his wizardry.
  • Vall Stormshadow – elf monk, silent but deadly.
  • Wicasa Wican, tiefling adventurer from Mulhorand. The mysterious Wicasa presents himself in multiple personalities, including Wolsyn. His motifs are unknown and his methods are bizarre.
  • X-Requinn, sea elf student of the Arcane Order and devoted follower of Mystra. X-Requinn’s clan is tasked with protecting the sea. Foregoing his race’s chosen path of warrior, he relies on the Weave for transmuter magic and divine might. Everything is put aside when wondrous treasure and ancient artifacts are rumored.
  • Zamtul – a fat-tongued human fighter who wields a mighty falchion.

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