Friday, November 14, 2008

The Missing Messenger Boy

  • Characters: Carn, Dak, Rog, Teldowen, X-Requinn
  • NPCs: Kline, Rort, Gendrew
  • Synopsis: After a brief dealing with the town potion-maker Kline, Adventurers at The Verse overhear of the chef Gendrew’s dilemma: a messenger boy named Raj has failed to show up. Rort solicits the Adventurers to back-track the boy’s path and find out where he is. The group heads north and finds the abandoned Ram’s Horn Abbey, a known hideout for the Clan of the Black Veils which is lead by Molly McTynker. Entering the establishment, they are attacked by four undead monks before finding the body of Raj at the bottom of a pit trap.
  • Encounters: four monk mummies, false floor of the bell tower
  • Achievements: uncover the fate of Raj and recover rare and exotic mushrooms for cooking.

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