Friday, November 14, 2008

Cormyr Comes Calling

  • Characters: Gallipolas, JadeBlade, Ilora, Qualen, V.L., Vindicus, X-Requinn
  • NPCs: Ralston Earl, Homar Earl, Horgon Earl, Zeluthian, Circle of Holundi leaders
  • Synopsis: A messenger runner of the Cormyrean army named Zeluthian finds Threshold, leading a pack of worg riders of the Black Legion into the town. He is delivering a message that Cormyr marches from the west to the Circle of Holundi, rebels fighting in Gulthmere Forest against the invading giant-kind. He seeks Maulgrim paladin of Tyr to alert him of the support. Adventurers escort Zeluthian to the rebel encampment and learn of the forces of the Black Legion as well as the Army of Nature’s Wrath. Vindicus and X-Requinn travel to Candlekeep to research destruction of artifacts. Adventurers return to Threshold to counterattack Black Legion troops near Reddansyr.
  • Encounters: Black Legion worg riders, quartet of undead stone giants, six manticores, back reserves of the Black Legion (including giants, ogres and orcs)
  • Achievements: aligned the Adventurers Guild of Threshold with the Circle of Holundi, defeated a portion of the Black Legion and destroyed the Troll Bridge.


  1. Two words - Baleful Polymorph - Poof!

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