Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Crown of the Shaman Margool

  • Characters: Domollo Blue, Ilora, Janora, Karne, Parathus
  • NPCs: Shaman Margool, Yye-Biff, Gribbold
  • Synopsis: The Shaman Margool lays his visions upon an unsuspecting group at the Verse, identifying their goal for freeing the gnomes of Burrock from their cryogenic stasis. The cryptic directions allude to returning to the tunnels beneath Threshold and using the crown of a lost kingdom “to set them free”.
  • Encounters: grimlocks invading Rellun Sherry’s villa – resulting in Rellun’s death, skeletons lead by a wraith
  • Achievements: uncovered the mass grave site of Threshold and the connecting shaft to Kline’s cottage, returned to the surface to gather undead hunters

Friday, December 5, 2008

Another Update to the Site & VD

UPDATE: Got rid of commenting system and the "Continue reading" link.

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Leviathan of Reddansyr

  • Characters: Dalthon, Illdric, Quallen, Teldowen, Wicasa
  • NPCs: Gandios Laffabar (halfling owner of the Giant’s Folly), Patriarch Thyrius Jorman (human cleric of Oghma), Circle of Holundi contingent (Maulgrim, Bixtbi, Zeluthian, Purple Knights of Cormyr), Tarlos (Purple Knight tactician)
  • Synopsis: Teldown, Wicasa, and Dalthon deviate from their course to Teziir at Jebeddo’s insistence. They bring their prisoner Melgornarni to Reddansyr to get an update on the battle against the Black Legion. The Circle of Holundi has refortified the north side of the bridge and their efforts along with inclement weather have impeded the giant-kinds’ efforts to move north. Tarlos, an intelligent tactician of the Purple Knights of Cormyr, finds historical records of a caged kraken in a natural cave network on the south shore of the River Reddan. If the creature can be released, it may prevent incursions from the Black Legion, but at the cost of stability. With the Circle of Holundi more mobile than the Black Legion, it is a risk they decide to take. The group accepts the quest and adventures into the partially submerged caves. They discover an abandoned kua-toa outpost that was rumored to be aligned with Reddansyr during the First Giant’s War. Long since evacuated, the group only finds undead, wild vegetation and fungi, and ever-living guardians. Reaching the kuo-toan priest’s chambers they release the kua-toa leviathan from its underwater prison.
  • Encounters: Trapped hall, poisoned air, kuo-toa mummy, dread blossom, lith guardian, statue of Blipdoolpool the Sea Mother, drowned kuo-toa priest, kuo-toa leviathan
  • Achievements: Discovered the caves of the kuo-toa, uncovered an access tunnel to the Upperdark, defeated the undead Drowned, released the kuo-toa leviathan from captivity, and orchestrated the break-up of the iced-over waters of the River Reddan eliminating crossing access for the Black Legion to the north shore.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Melgornarni’s Dance of the Purple Worm

  • Characters: Dalthon, JadeBlade, Jebeddo, Sentalial, Teldowen, V.L., Wicasa
  • NPCs: Melgornarni, Nilmith, Quint
  • Synopsis: Quint the Navigator escorts V.L. and others from the Circle of Holundi rebel camp to Threshold and discovers an operation destroying a tract of forest. Nilmith, a deep gnome priestess hears of the mass grave that was uncovered and retrieves the body of JadeBlade still clutching his father’s waraxe. Using one of the scrolls of Beldishor, Nilmith brings the dwarf back from the Hall of Moradin and Clanggedin Silverbeard and returns him to life. A consensus is drawn that a doppelganger has infiltrated Threshold. The group leaves town to investigate the unnatural clearing to find a continuing operation to clear the forest niche. Orchestrating the operation is Melgonarni, an evil wizard from Teziir who seeks magical artifacts. He has uncovered a long lost shrine to Holundi, along with two of Holundi’s belongings. Melgornarni is subdued and captured, and the group splits up. Dalthon, Jebeddo, Teldowen and Wicasa escort the evil wizard back to Teziir while Sentalial and JadeBlade return to Threshold with the fallen V.L. and the artifacts of Holundi. Nilmith once again uses one of the Scrolls of Beldishor and revives V.L.
  • Encounters: Gray Render, Purple Worm, Melgornarni
  • Achievements: The group uncovered Holundi’s artifacts and returned them to Julbin. The sage identifies them as the Robe of the Archmage and the Staff of Enchantment. The evil wizard is being brought back to Teziir for justice, but Melgornarni has promised a fortune of gems for his release.

The Siege of Kith Hall

  • Characters: Dalthon, Illdric, Ilora, Jenora, Wicasa
  • NPCs: Red Wizards, Potter Helm
  • Synopsis: Wicasa learns from his connections at the Red Wizard enclave of Teziir that the trade route to Threshold is plagued by the kith Skull Kicker tribe. Kith warriors have filled the power vacuum on the route ever since the withdrawal of the Dark Talon tribe from the area. Now the raiders launch their assaults from a decrepit manor near the eastern border of Teziir. If the Skull Kicker tribe can be exterminated, Wicasa can move in his allies the kobold Black Spear tribe. This would secure the route and gain favors with the Red Wizards. The group enters the dungeons of the manor and move swiftly through the multiple rooms, laying waste to the kith slingers, netters and warriors. The tribal leader, the kith warlock is killed and a map leading to an underground layer is discovered along with tithes to the kiths’ master, some one or something named Szartharrax.
  • Encounters: Kith warriors, slingers, and netters, a booby-trapped crypt with an altar to Nobanion vandalized with the markings of Malar, a massive pit of an adhesive substance and a coffin tether used for disturbing games, a crushing boulder, two pet mindshredders and a kith warlock leader.
  • Achievements: Skull Kickers are defeated and a multitude of masterwork great axes are recovered. Wicasa recognizes the crafter as Potter Helm of Teziir and concludes that favors or a reward can be gained by returning the stolen weapons. Contacts at the Red Wizard enclave identify recovered magical items.

The Haunts of Blue Rock Lodge

  • Characters: Cheynar, Hadith, Wicasa
  • NPCs: nobleman Ben Darklighter, Raxel the Rancher, Nerius Bootlum, Kyle R. Tanner, Rort, caravan master Tim
  • Synopsis: A caravan arrives from Westgate carrying a nobleman named Ben Darklighter. He travels west in hopes to rendezvous with a friend from Waterdeep. The hard ride from Westgate took two days of non-stop travel but was not without molestation. A thief in the caravan stole an heirloom ring. Ben hires the trio to retrieve his ring. They speak with the caravan master Jayk Gemstryke who is staying on the lands of Raxel the rancher. Reviewing the manifest of travelers they find the only unaccounted for listee “Kyler” and see that his destination was the Blue Rock Lodge in the haunted Knight’s Sway Forest. The group consults Rort who tells them that the lodge is known for hunters that trade in lion pelts but that the forest has deterred many travelers because of the dire nature, mysterious denizens and unnatural creatures. Undeterred the three adventurers follow a blood trail to the lodge and are plagued by an unseen creature that challenges their sanity. The lodge is abandoned save for a disgusting and decaying man identified as Kyle R. Tanner from Westgate. They put the man out of his misery, retrieve the heirloom ring, and leave the haunted lodge.
  • Encounters: dead hunter, emaciated lion, undead wendigo
  • Achievements: Wicasa completes the transaction with Los Calzo for the commissioned Cape of the Mountebank, the group retrieves the missing heirloom and Wicasa establishes a potential business plan with Ben Darklighter for operations in Teziir.

Hlinthi’s Vision of White Plume Mountain

  • Characters: Aramir, Dak, Hlinthi, Trizoon, X-Requinn
  • NPCs: Julbin
  • Synopsis: Hlinthi receives a vision from Garl Glittergold, witnessing the rise of mountain in the Shining Plains. Contained within is an ancient gnome city that disappeared many centuries ago. The group must journey to the mountain and secure any historical items, artifacts and treasure.
  • Encounters: the guardian gynosphinx Utrusca, three riddles for three artifacts, the hag and the subterranean claw creature, flaming spinning corridor, were-wolf sorceress and rogue fighter, illusionary room, underwater bubble cavity, monstrous crab, three ghasts
  • Achievements: discovered Wave, magical trident forged by the half-giant Dravenda

Update: Joined by Mariel, Dalthon, Jebeddo. Battled harpy hidden behind an illusionary wall, floating river with another adventuring party lead by a fallen knight Bart. Discovered the inverted ziggurat.

Update 2: Destroyed two monstrous scorpions and two manticores and defeated a huge water elemental to retrieve the broad sword Black Razor from the inverted ziggurat, bypassed five sentry golems and a massive cavern of boiling mud and won the war hammer Whelm from the vampire dwarf Cetemir.

The Truth of JadeBlade

  • Characters: Aramir, Hadith, Janora, Karne, Pardonei, Rog, Sentalial, Teldowen
  • NPCs: Grem the Cooper, Rellun Sherry
  • Synopsis: At The Verse, Adventurers find food scarce but enjoy a hot bowl of mushroom soup. Grem the husband of Tess Bur’Dvay drowns his sorrows at his failing marriage and his changed wife. His tale is interrupted by Rellun Sherry who drops the head of a grimlock on the table of the Adventurers. He knows that some of them snuck into his house and found the carved tunnels below Threshold, but he also knows that there are more of these creatures that he killed. He cops to underhanded dealings with Tess, but that she has become eratic and disappeared. For the sake of the town the guild must eliminate this underground threat and bring Tess to justice. The party enters the tunnels to find bizarre creatures and a madman protecting a stolen treasure horde. After further exploration they are attacked by a hidden assailant who flees through the tunnels. Following the coward the discover more trap doors to other buildings, including one leading to beneath the dais of the town hall. Tracking the attacker the Adventurers follow footsteps in the falling snow to the small cottage of the town’s healer and potion-maker Kline. The steps continue to the rear of the cottage and up to the cemetery and stop at an unmarked grave. A false entrance hides a mass grave that includes a recently seen JadeBlade, but this one still clutches the dwarf’s prized heirloom waraxe.
  • Encounters: arachnoid mouther, Joko Mole-Check, two displacer beasts, unseen assailant
  • Achievements: uncovered the secret tunnels of Threshold, recovered stolen goods and items (including a royal crown of an unknown kingdom and the Ring Gate of Emae Oxa), as well as the bodies of JadeBlade and other townsfolk.

The Missing Messenger Boy

  • Characters: Carn, Dak, Rog, Teldowen, X-Requinn
  • NPCs: Kline, Rort, Gendrew
  • Synopsis: After a brief dealing with the town potion-maker Kline, Adventurers at The Verse overhear of the chef Gendrew’s dilemma: a messenger boy named Raj has failed to show up. Rort solicits the Adventurers to back-track the boy’s path and find out where he is. The group heads north and finds the abandoned Ram’s Horn Abbey, a known hideout for the Clan of the Black Veils which is lead by Molly McTynker. Entering the establishment, they are attacked by four undead monks before finding the body of Raj at the bottom of a pit trap.
  • Encounters: four monk mummies, false floor of the bell tower
  • Achievements: uncover the fate of Raj and recover rare and exotic mushrooms for cooking.

Cormyr Comes Calling

  • Characters: Gallipolas, JadeBlade, Ilora, Qualen, V.L., Vindicus, X-Requinn
  • NPCs: Ralston Earl, Homar Earl, Horgon Earl, Zeluthian, Circle of Holundi leaders
  • Synopsis: A messenger runner of the Cormyrean army named Zeluthian finds Threshold, leading a pack of worg riders of the Black Legion into the town. He is delivering a message that Cormyr marches from the west to the Circle of Holundi, rebels fighting in Gulthmere Forest against the invading giant-kind. He seeks Maulgrim paladin of Tyr to alert him of the support. Adventurers escort Zeluthian to the rebel encampment and learn of the forces of the Black Legion as well as the Army of Nature’s Wrath. Vindicus and X-Requinn travel to Candlekeep to research destruction of artifacts. Adventurers return to Threshold to counterattack Black Legion troops near Reddansyr.
  • Encounters: Black Legion worg riders, quartet of undead stone giants, six manticores, back reserves of the Black Legion (including giants, ogres and orcs)
  • Achievements: aligned the Adventurers Guild of Threshold with the Circle of Holundi, defeated a portion of the Black Legion and destroyed the Troll Bridge.

The Stink of Teziir

  • Characters: Aramir, Carn, Draelyn, Ilora, Illdric, Mack, Wicasa
  • NPCs: Algie Kettlewhistle, Weston
  • Synopsis: Wicasa brings fellow guild members to Teziir to help with a merchant delivery from Iriaebor, the City of 1,000 Spires from the House of Larell. Algie Kettlewhistle, the brother of Wicasa’s hireling Perry Kettlewhistle of the halfling city Cliffside, and member of the ratcatcher guild is missing. Wicasa completes a transaction with a blacksmith named Potter Holm, but the group is attacked by the thugs of the thieves’ guild Astorians. Adventurers investigate the ratcatcher’s guild and uncover that the halfling guild master Weston has also disappeared. The group enters the sewers and uncovers the hidden layer of the wererat Beila and kill her and her cats. They find Algie and Weston alive and free them, along with paperwork indicting Beila’s brother Vernon.
  • Encounters: gang of eight Astorian thugs, Beila the wererat and her two cats.
  • Achievements: rescue Algie (thus earning his cousin Perry’s loyalty to Wicasa), rescue Weston (thus earning favors of the ratcatchers’ guild), uncover documents of ownership of the garbage collectors’ guild and the sewer-workers’ guild, and drawn attention of the Astorians of Teziir.

The Slumber of Los Calzo

  • Characters: Ilora, Ildric, Wicasa
  • NPCs: Nerius Bootlum, Aldila, Los Calzo
  • Synopsis: Nerius hires Adventurers to investigate the disappearance of the accomplished gnome artificer Los Calzo. The master arcanist and wondrous item crafter has not answered calls for more than a tenday and, as far a Nerius knows, he hasn’t left his abode in Threshold. The group meets the dwarf lamp lighter Aldila who lets them access her peer’s laboratory. The group battles through the built-in defences of the stronghold and rescue Los Calzo from his coffin of slumber, a magical item was crafting for a client of his named Gareth Dragonsbane.
  • Encounters: sword blade golem, clockwork canine, black pudding disposal, animated librarian chair, six monstrous spiders
  • Achievements: gained Los Calzo as a friendly contact, Wicasa commissions a cape of the mountebank, and they uncover a portal to the dwarven City of Stonecliff at Thunderpeak Mountain.

Wazican’s Vengence

  • Character: Janora Spelloyal
  • NPCs: Veridia, Wazican, Yidalla
  • Synopsis: Wazican, Yidalla and Veridia hire the mercenary Janora Spelloyal to seek vengeance for their fallen friends in a nearby gem mine. The group reenters the mine and kills the fiendish gnoll boss Horteguf.
  • Encounters: wrackspawn, three zombies, two gnoll slavers and four hyenas, abyssal maw, Horteguf the fiendish gnoll cleric of Yeenoghu
  • Achievements: Revenge is had.

Sneak Attack on Black Rock

  • Characters: Cheynar, Jebeddo, Mack, V.L., X-Requinn, Zamtul
  • NPCs: Julbin
  • Synopsis: Julbin contacts a second group of Adventurers to sneak into the stone giant stronghold of Black Rock to slay Faliz. The succubus has aligned with the master wizard Saund in an effort to eliminate Barrik. She has also formed an alliance with the stone giants. As the first group attacks via the main entrance the group is teleported to the rear to prevent any enemies from escaping.
  • Encounters: a pair of massive lizard men, swarm of tiny red dragons, lizard man guard, Faliz the succubus
  • Achievements: Faliz is slain and the magic chariot containing the scrolls of Beldishor is retrieved.

Frontal Assault on Black Rock

  • Characters: Aramir, Carn, Hlinthi, Pardonei, Teldowen, Trebbor, Trizoon
  • NPCs: Julbin Cometstrike, Kirken, Nilmith, Wa’Oolum Blystem
  • Synopsis: Hlinthi gathers Adventurers at his hidden Shrine of Garl Glittergold and Trizoon is a recipient of a vision of the gnome god of the ancient cleric-bard Beldishor. Hlinthi discovered a tortured Wa’Oolum who escaped the clutches of Faliz. The Beast Tamers caretaker uncovered a plot by giant-kind of the Giant’s Run Mountains steal artifacts and treasure from the deep gnome collective of Burrock. Julbin teleports Adventurers to the stone giant stronghold Black Rock with the mission that the scrolls of Beldishor must be retrieved and preserved.
  • Encounters: trickery of the stone guard sentry, stone giant hunter and chef Drowlock, stone giant dire wolf handler Hogarth, stone giant couple Duggan and mistress, two stone giants of six from the mess hall
  • Achievements: distracted the contingent of stone giants using subterfuge, stealth, and illusion

Important Characters and Contacts

  • Aldila – dwarf lamp lighter and a peer to Los Calzo. She minds his abode during his times of travel.
  • Andolyn and Gendrew – An alchemist and a chef couple who live on the outskirts of town that have had some problems with a rival wizard, along with several creations that have run amok in their own house.
  • Brothers Earl, Ralston, Homar, and Horgon – Three brothers, all ex- Purple Knights of Cormyr and famous swordsmen who operate the Cracked Helm, the gambling hall.
  • Burston Oresplitter and the Fours Priestesses (Nilmith) of Garl Glittergold – deep gnome ranger of the Underdark, she is the guardian of the survivors of the Svirfneblin Collective Burrock of the Giant’s Run Mountains. They seek to return to their underground city and reclaim their rightful ownership, hoping to free the frozen denizens they were forced to leave behind.
  • Delthlin Kathrick – friend of the forest, the ranger sentry keeps the peace between encroaching races and the denizens of the forest nearby Threshold.
  • Durz, dwarf master alchemist whose abode was overrun with dwarf wererats. Friendly with the other dwarves, Durz keeps to himself but is now a constant presence at townhall meetings.
  • The Dwarves of Clan Bockelsdin: Kuvolt, Delfi, Ordrin, Darop, Goin, Nanli, Vitroin, Ronnim and Ulfgar. Brothers that were contracted to construct a watch tower before being repurposed to rebuild Barrik’s Keep for the wizard. Constructors of the Adventurers Guild of Threshold guild hall, the brothers have completed the structure and moved to aid Durz is the reconstruction of his abode and to assist other contractors for mining purposes.
  • Gorbin Nolt – retired gnome warrior, the bald bartender of the Verse is also distinguishable by his long handlebar mustache. Owing his friends a life-debt Gorbin traveled Faerun as a companion to Rort and Nilly, ultimately joining them in their venture as a handler of drinks and handler of drunks. A friend of the forest, he was attacked and imprisoned by a platoon of the Black Legion, but saved by the guild members and establishing yet another life-debt.
  • Gribbold – ancient gnome apothecary, still handling special herbs and weeds in his final years. Gribbold was retired after his shaky hands caused one too many faults in his alchemy. The gnome is able to provide rare requests ranging from sleeping powder to deadly poison, only providing the latter on the down low.
  • Jared Genore – Defacto leader of Threshold, but more of a moderator because no one else steps up to the plate when trying to organize the Town Hall meetings. The middle-aged human was attempting to organize the town into a respectable government operating under the Threshold Compact and a sheriff, but resigned in disgrace after too many attacks and not enough action.
  • Julbin Cometstrike – half-elf sorcerer, the sage of Threshold has recently shaken off the hold of Julius, half-possessor of his body. The freedom from the mental bonds of slavery has cleared his mind. He is the former Guild Master of the Beast Tamers. His premonitions still serve the Adventurers Guild, but he has reconnected with two other members of the defunct Guild of Naturalists (Beast Tamers).
  • Kael Lightstock – grandfather to Ninove, he has assumed custody of his granddaughter after rescuing her in Shadow Hill. Appearing in his late 50s or early 60s, Kael has some experience with the rapier he wields. He prefers to remain anonymous as he carries a secret passed along by his now deceased daughter. His only purpose is to protect and care for Ninove.
  • Kirkan Trumpetnose – brownie apprentice to the sage Julbin. The fey creature is particularly fond of good food, good friends, and good times, and has been known to throw a spell or two to help out the people of Threshold. The brownie has helped extract buried magic from within Wicasa, helping the rogue realize his innate powers as a warlock.
  • Kline, Cleric of Pelor – A portly religious man who is content with spreading the good news of Pelor by establishing a ministry in Threshold. A heavyset man, Kline is unaccustomed to adventure and life-threatening scenarios, usually providing aid and support after the fact. Recently a mass grave was discovered in the town’s cemetery, of which he the entrusted caretaker.
  • Knuckles – a silent but skilled rogue, the halfling has been known to mingle with other halflings, but is more renown for disappearing especially in times of trouble.
  • Los Calzo – an accomplished gnome artificer, he is in debt to guild members for freeing him from his coffin of slumber. His clients are many, as Los Calzo’s expertise is sought out throughout the Dragon Coast.
  • Maralea Darkwood – half-elf songstress, the comely vixen and exiled member of the Beast Tamers was delivered to Threshold, only to provide the song that freed the imprisoned lion-god Nobanion from beneath Barrik’s Keep. She is working with Julbin and Wa’Oolum to help reestablish connections to other Beast Tamers, if they are still alive.
  • Mia – adopted teenage daughter of the Knight’s Sway forest hunter Oliver and half-sister of Conner. She is serves as barmaid at The Verse after surviving the destruction of her home, a hollowed-out network of caves inside a frozen elder water elemental. She may or may not have reformed her ways regarding sticky fingers.
  • Nerius Bootlum – town merchant and dealer in wondrous items.
  • Nevan Lightstock is the nine year old granddaughter of Kael. Her grandfather’s paranoia has left her quiet as he constantly warns her against talking too much. The jarring events of her mother’s death jumpstarted her predisposition to control magic as a sorceress.
  • Old Man Harple and his wife – A consummate participant at townhall meetings, the nearly deaf human uses an ancient conch to aid his hearing. Known for his early risings and ear-shattering conversations, Old Man Harple still uses his eyes, and early morning walks, to watch the citizens of Threshold.
  • Peldrit – young man of Threshold. A hired caretaker of the Bur’Dvay’s, Peldrit reported the murders of the Disden family, farmers on the outskirts of town. Due to his youth and inexperience, he is constantly leaning on Tess for advice.
  • Piper Tall-Lad - A scruffy, blonde-headed human has witnessed the massive bat creature that stalks the town. He blamed a gypsy caravan for the attacks, but since their departure has relinquished that the creature still roams the town.
  • Raxel – silent, but noble rancher, Raxel has stepped forward as a representative of the merchants of the town for the town council. His business has blossomed under the expansion of the Adventurers Guild, as his fair rates and stout product generate repeat customers.
  • Rellun Sherry – A shifty man in his late twenties, Rellun has recently confessed to undefined wrong-doings under the command of Tess Bur’Dvay. His home sits atop a secret entrance to centuries-old tunnels beneath Threshold, which have been recently overrun by creatures of the Underdark. He was attacked by a humanoid bat creature, captured and delivered to the guild hall by Kael Lightstock, but released.
  • Rort and Nilly Trizoon, owners and caretakers of the Verse, parents to Trizoon.
  • Rumjack – mysterious wealthy merchant and traveler of the Dragonmere and the Sea of Fallen Stars. He is a portly man, sporting a beard, but daft with the two-bladed broadsword he yields. Captain of a sail-less and oar-less vessel, Rumjack has crossed paths with the guild regarding botched deliveries and merchandise escorts, hiring them for excellent wages, but barring any participation of women.
  • Saund Bloodthorn – elf wizard and traveler of Faerun, the bigoted and impatient elf commands his apprentice son Vindicus as a slave. His ties to Zhentil Keep are rumored to be tumultuous at best and scandalous at worst. Saund absconded Threshold when his warnings against Julbin’s plans to release the imprisoned lion-god Nobanion where ignored and discarded. His residence, the haunted keep once owned by Barrik, was destroyed in the subsequent freedom of Nobanion, crumbling to dust and rubble in the ensuing battle. His whereabouts are unknown.
  • The Shaman Margool – a baffling and ancient seer. Wielding a stick of bells and feathers, Margool dispenses cryptic advice, only asking for minimal amounts of coin for his precious words. He traveled to Threshold from Westgate with the caravan of gypsies led by Vich Yeah-Go, but has not been seen for some time.
  • Shurston Oresplitter – cousin to Burston and gnome of Burrock, she is the only one to be freed of the frozen paralysis by Saund.
  • Tess and Grem Bur’Dvay – human couple, where the husband is the town’s cooper preparing barrels from a shop adjacent to their home and the wife is a vocal dissenter at townhall meetings. Tess has been implicated as a ringleader of numerous townsfolk involved in underhanded dealings. Grem was a jovial fellow, but has suspicions that she’s cheating on him with some other guy. He has been increasing his visits to the Verse to drown his sorrows regarding his changed wife.
  • Ven Jendif – human fighter rumored to be crazed. The herbalist was indentured to Julius and made to attempt to subdue the members of the Adventurers Guild. Warned that the call to arms would come at any time, Ven obeyed as Julius offered to provide the fate of his wife Lyzaa. He was defeated. Humiliated at his traitorous turn, Ven retreated to his two-story tower to resume his gardening.
  • Veridia – female gnome cleric who loyally follows Wazican.
  • Vich Yeah-Go – leader of a band a gypsies, he has left Threshold for the safer environs of Teziir. Evidently the city is as unfriendly as Threshold towards his people as Vich has returned in the past seeking a friendly sword for help.
  • Wa’Oolum Blystem – crazed man recovering from drug addiction. The former caretaker of the Hall of Naturalists, the once Beast Tamer has come under the assistance of Julbin. He was freed from the clutches of Faliz and Barrik and now works with Julbin and Maralea Darkwood, the only surviving members of the Guild of Naturalists.
  • Wazican – human warrior treasure hunter, whose party was massacred as they searched for treasure in a nearby mine. He is bent on vengeance.
  • Yidalla Stormshadow – female elf sorceress who loyally follows Wazican.
  • Yyebiff – of Yyebiff’s Dry and Exotic Goods. Friend of the Adventurers Guild, Yyebiff offers below market value goods for members of the guild in exchange for exclusivity in supplying them merchandise.
  • Zeluthian – Purple Knight of Cormyr and runner/messenger of Cormyrean forces.

Other Adventurers

  • Dorian Seven Seeker – elf sorcerer, former apprentice of Mikhailis, and one of only a handful of survivors of the Lothenar Elves.
  • Gallipolas Slendertree – elf druid, friend of the Army of Natures Wrath
  • Krullix – half-elf rogue, abandoned his shady past to join the guild for magic and money. His quiet demeanor is joined with his deadly accuracy with the crossbow.
  • Lord Hraban Peterov – novice wizard, learned from a university
  • Lord Topaz – hawk-nosed bounty hunter, mercenary and assassin, the human’s close ties to Westgate keep him out of Threshold, for now. Always eager to fulfill a contract Lord Topaz has no master save for coin. He carries many names throughout the lands including Hierem Gold.
  • Mackaten Softfoot – halfling rogue, wanderer of the Realms
  • Mariel – delusional visionary paladin of Heironious, plagued with nightmares and visions
  • Marlet Leafgallow – halfling rogue from Westgate, adopted daughter of Gul the Grim and rider of mastiff named Unger
  • Maulgrim Ivoryblade – human Paladin warrior of Tyr from Suzail
  • Roywyn – fabled gnome bard from Westgate
  • Saynt Hibbins – wily and crafty ranger, who likes his drink and his women, in no particular order
  • Turd and Callador – guild cleaners and horse keepers, periodic watchmen and greeters. Both have had mild success in their adventuring careers and remain affiliated with the guild for protection and purpose. Former man-servant of Faliz, Turd is a follower of Zamboni, a god only he knows and speaks with, a god that brought him back from death. Callador is a young elf sorcerer who regrets his path, always believing he should have been a warrior.

Adventurers Guild of Threshold

  • Aramir – halfling ninja who escaped prisons in the Underdark to find adventure.
  • Bixtbie – deep gnome mystic hailing from the City of Splendors Waterdeep. Forever using his monocle, Bixtbie commands mysterious magic and forever dreams of returning to Waterdeep.
  • Cheynar Swiftrunner – catfolk scout, who was captured and enslaved to mine red glowing ore. She was freed and has served as a nightwatch of Threshold.
  • Crainich Ralistich – drow illusionist who escaped the Underdark city Menzoberrazan and practices his magicks in relative solitude. Crain is preparing himself for an extraordinary journey by crafting potions until funds are exhausted. Cackling has been heard coming from his room on more than one occasion.
  • Dalthon – human rogue, escaped prisoner of the red glowing ore mines
  • Dak Jendif - human fighter, master of the spiked chain, has seen his share of swords and sorcery. Briefly possessed by the spirit of Barrik, the fighter acquired some of the wizard’s power, but continued on his warrior’s path by developing his mastery of the exotic weapon.
  • Flannigan the Flamboyant, swashbuckler of the seas. Adorned with clothes as loud as he is, Flannigan uses his blade and gusto to defeat enemies and enjoy the spoils of battle.
    Hadith of the Deep Water Clan, desert ranger of Anauroch, seeking to honor his clan and especially his father, with discovered treasures.
  • Hlinthi Crystalfist, cleric of Garl Glittergold, of the Dalelands, has protected the guild with his healing and has constructed a shrine to his god nearby the town. His faith has given him visions regarding coming troubled times and his friend Trizoon has helped foster his skills as a drummer. Hlinthi has adopted the bardic skills from his companion.
  • Illdric, half-elf hexblade and bringer of chaos. Eternally reborn every day, the manic warrior spews warnings of a vast conspiracy to suppress the chaotic nature of life.
  • Ilora, female Wood elf rogue.
  • Janora Spelloyal, female human sellsword who escorted a merchant across the frozen neck of the Dragonmere and landed in Threshold. The ranger’s blade favors any gnoll that crosses her path, as she blames the vile race for destroying her family.
  • JadeBlade, deceased dwarf fighter who was brought back to life by Kline’s priests of Pelor. Recently guild members discovered his corpse in a mass grave still clutching his father’s prized dwarven waraxe, only hours after JadeBlade fought in battle with them.
  • Jebeddo, halfling wizard and AWOL scout of the Army of Nature’s Wrath. Fiercely loyal to the peaceful surface races, Jebeddo found his path tangential to that of the army he was commissioned in.
  • Jeth Trizoon, son of Rort and Nilly of the Verse fame, began his career in the footsteps of his parents taking up the mantle of bard. His adventures have introduced him to many new, strange and wonderful parts of the Dragon Coast, but nothing has been as profound as his experience with the gnome god Garl Glittergold. His innate divine powers have manifested since his multiple run-ins with the trickster god and he has accepted the blessings as a favored soul. Fiercely loyal to his companions, friends, and people of Threshold, he has taken up the self-appointed mantle of Sheriff of Threshold.
  • Karne, wild elf monk of Snake Wood Forest who was recently freed from the confinements of the gladiatorial arena of Westgate.
  • Laucian Galanodel, elf fighter who wields the largest great sword this side of the Sea of Fallen Stars. Known as Violent Lou (VL) among friends, the elf has a tendency to swing blades first and ask questions later. Lou chased kidnappers to Westgate and befriended Flagg Fletcher, ringmaster of the gladiatorial arena. He is loyal to Flagg and has kept his motifs for being in Threshold to himself.
  • Nobanion of Gulthmere Forest, named after the forest’s lion-god protector, hails from a tribe of human barbarians. Staunch defender and fearless leader, Nobanion has recently returned from the dead and taken up the position of Magistrate of Threshold.
  • Pardonei, half-elf sorceress, daughter of Julbin Cometstrike. Pardonei has journeyed with the guild, providing her array of magic when needed.
  • Qualen Shadowbourne, human warrior seeking answers from Kelemvor. The survivor of Shadowbourne Massacre, where his family was slaughtered and their estate burned to the ground, Qualen seeks justice and reason from a mysterious god.
  • Rog, half-orc barbarian fighter, who has crafted his attacks towards the art of mage-slaying. His spiked armor has pierced many enemies under his fierce and deadly grappling tactics. Having survived battles with devils and demon horses, Rog has returned to form after being captured and imprisoned by Barrik.
  • Rorymack “Mack” Bolger, sticky-fingered halfling rogue. Mack’s curiosity has led him on many adventurers and to many lands, even to the village of dead, but his escapades in the Dragon Coast has kept his attention for now.
  • Sentalial – aasimar paladin of Torm
  • Teldowen Eldertree, proud elf duskblade. Teldowen tolerates his non-elf companions while seeking lost or stolen elven artifacts as a member of the Torchbearers.
  • They Call Me Carn, exotic human monk from a distant land. Carn has been quiet as to his purpose and goals in the Dragon Coast, as he meticulously chronicles his adventures in his journal. His primary objectives have been described as to document his travels and to survive all encounters. Carn’s benefactors remain safely anonymous.
  • Trebbor Smallcanyon, gold dwarf barbarian who speaks slowly but surely. Traveling the lands of the Dragon Coast, Trebbor seeks to defend and protect her clan in the Giant’s Run Mountains by investigating evil armies that conspire against tribe.
  • Vindicus Bloodthorn, elf wizard from Westgate, pursues the craft and knowledge of the arcane. Intolerant of all non-elves, Vindicus seeks power. He secreted knowledge from his father’s library to further his wizardry.
  • Vall Stormshadow – elf monk, silent but deadly.
  • Wicasa Wican, tiefling adventurer from Mulhorand. The mysterious Wicasa presents himself in multiple personalities, including Wolsyn. His motifs are unknown and his methods are bizarre.
  • X-Requinn, sea elf student of the Arcane Order and devoted follower of Mystra. X-Requinn’s clan is tasked with protecting the sea. Foregoing his race’s chosen path of warrior, he relies on the Weave for transmuter magic and divine might. Everything is put aside when wondrous treasure and ancient artifacts are rumored.
  • Zamtul – a fat-tongued human fighter who wields a mighty falchion.

Town Rumors

  • the haunted keep that once cast an eerie shadow across the town has been leveled, but its refugee spirits still roam the town at night
  • a humanoid bat has been sighted several times a tenday but no evidence is uncovered
  • a thieves guild may be in operation as merchants and townsfolk have reported theft and illegal activities
  • no one knows the ultimate fate of the town’s original occupants
  • an abandoned (or exterminated) guild hall lies beneath the rubble of the keep
  • tunnels of the Underdark lie beneath the town, as do a network of duergar tunnels
  • the adjacent Knight’s Sway forest is home to a monstrous white wolf
  • a regional conflict threatens to swallow up the Dragon Coast, and the town has been defended numerous times
  • strange creatures inhabit the surrounding forests

The Town of Threshold

The small town of Threshold lies on a rediscovered trade route between the port cities Westgate and Teziir. With the main route between the cities in constant peril due to the Second Giants War, travelers have utilized this long forgotten road that hugs the coast near Westgate and splits the woodlands as it nears Teziir. The town is a growing collective of merchants, smiths, ranchers, farmers and adventurers, and has greatly benefited from the recent traffic. Threshold’s hidden past has been buried as visitors and locals alike look to the uncertain future.

Population: approximately 900. Almost all townsfolk are human. The Adventurers Guild accounts for almost all of the town’s diversity. Travelers of all races pass through town.
Alignment: Neutral good
GP Limit: 800 gp (maximum value of any product offered)
Government: Informal town council once guided by the magistrate Jared Genore, it now includes Nobanion, Hlinthi, Tess Bur’Dvay, Rort Trizoon, Raxel, Kuvolt Bockelsdin, and Kline. Efforts have begun to draft the Threshold Compact, establish taxes and hire a sheriff. Town meetings are held twice every month at the townhall.
Defense: Adventurers Guild of Threshold and remnants of the Guild of the Naturalists. What began as a small group of like-minded adventurers has blossomed into a thriving guild of multifaceted individuals that compose an impressive force. The actions of the guild have provided the catalyst for rebirth of the town and growth of its significance in the region of the Dragon Coast.
Inns: The Verse (moderate quality, excellent service) was the only game in town, but the Cracked Helm (exceptional quality, moderate service) gambling hall now offers some of the same services.
Goods and Services: Yye-Biff’s Dry and Exotic Goods, Raxel’s Ranch and Stable, Merchant marketplace, Julbin Cometstrike for magic item identification, Grem the Cooper, Durz the Alchemist, Ven Jendif the Herbalist, Tannery, Forge

Temples: Hidden shrine of Garl Glittergold

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Welcome to the Shadow Hill Adventuring Company

Welcome to the Shadow Hill Adventuring Company.

A Guild where there are no charters, everything is off the books, and no one is turned away.

Come to our headquarters in Threshold, along the coastal trade route on the Dragon Coast between Teziir and West Gate.

You can learn about our past adventures and campaigns here.