Friday, November 14, 2008

Sneak Attack on Black Rock

  • Characters: Cheynar, Jebeddo, Mack, V.L., X-Requinn, Zamtul
  • NPCs: Julbin
  • Synopsis: Julbin contacts a second group of Adventurers to sneak into the stone giant stronghold of Black Rock to slay Faliz. The succubus has aligned with the master wizard Saund in an effort to eliminate Barrik. She has also formed an alliance with the stone giants. As the first group attacks via the main entrance the group is teleported to the rear to prevent any enemies from escaping.
  • Encounters: a pair of massive lizard men, swarm of tiny red dragons, lizard man guard, Faliz the succubus
  • Achievements: Faliz is slain and the magic chariot containing the scrolls of Beldishor is retrieved.

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