Friday, November 14, 2008

The Siege of Kith Hall

  • Characters: Dalthon, Illdric, Ilora, Jenora, Wicasa
  • NPCs: Red Wizards, Potter Helm
  • Synopsis: Wicasa learns from his connections at the Red Wizard enclave of Teziir that the trade route to Threshold is plagued by the kith Skull Kicker tribe. Kith warriors have filled the power vacuum on the route ever since the withdrawal of the Dark Talon tribe from the area. Now the raiders launch their assaults from a decrepit manor near the eastern border of Teziir. If the Skull Kicker tribe can be exterminated, Wicasa can move in his allies the kobold Black Spear tribe. This would secure the route and gain favors with the Red Wizards. The group enters the dungeons of the manor and move swiftly through the multiple rooms, laying waste to the kith slingers, netters and warriors. The tribal leader, the kith warlock is killed and a map leading to an underground layer is discovered along with tithes to the kiths’ master, some one or something named Szartharrax.
  • Encounters: Kith warriors, slingers, and netters, a booby-trapped crypt with an altar to Nobanion vandalized with the markings of Malar, a massive pit of an adhesive substance and a coffin tether used for disturbing games, a crushing boulder, two pet mindshredders and a kith warlock leader.
  • Achievements: Skull Kickers are defeated and a multitude of masterwork great axes are recovered. Wicasa recognizes the crafter as Potter Helm of Teziir and concludes that favors or a reward can be gained by returning the stolen weapons. Contacts at the Red Wizard enclave identify recovered magical items.

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