Friday, November 14, 2008

The Stink of Teziir

  • Characters: Aramir, Carn, Draelyn, Ilora, Illdric, Mack, Wicasa
  • NPCs: Algie Kettlewhistle, Weston
  • Synopsis: Wicasa brings fellow guild members to Teziir to help with a merchant delivery from Iriaebor, the City of 1,000 Spires from the House of Larell. Algie Kettlewhistle, the brother of Wicasa’s hireling Perry Kettlewhistle of the halfling city Cliffside, and member of the ratcatcher guild is missing. Wicasa completes a transaction with a blacksmith named Potter Holm, but the group is attacked by the thugs of the thieves’ guild Astorians. Adventurers investigate the ratcatcher’s guild and uncover that the halfling guild master Weston has also disappeared. The group enters the sewers and uncovers the hidden layer of the wererat Beila and kill her and her cats. They find Algie and Weston alive and free them, along with paperwork indicting Beila’s brother Vernon.
  • Encounters: gang of eight Astorian thugs, Beila the wererat and her two cats.
  • Achievements: rescue Algie (thus earning his cousin Perry’s loyalty to Wicasa), rescue Weston (thus earning favors of the ratcatchers’ guild), uncover documents of ownership of the garbage collectors’ guild and the sewer-workers’ guild, and drawn attention of the Astorians of Teziir.

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