Friday, November 14, 2008

Melgornarni’s Dance of the Purple Worm

  • Characters: Dalthon, JadeBlade, Jebeddo, Sentalial, Teldowen, V.L., Wicasa
  • NPCs: Melgornarni, Nilmith, Quint
  • Synopsis: Quint the Navigator escorts V.L. and others from the Circle of Holundi rebel camp to Threshold and discovers an operation destroying a tract of forest. Nilmith, a deep gnome priestess hears of the mass grave that was uncovered and retrieves the body of JadeBlade still clutching his father’s waraxe. Using one of the scrolls of Beldishor, Nilmith brings the dwarf back from the Hall of Moradin and Clanggedin Silverbeard and returns him to life. A consensus is drawn that a doppelganger has infiltrated Threshold. The group leaves town to investigate the unnatural clearing to find a continuing operation to clear the forest niche. Orchestrating the operation is Melgonarni, an evil wizard from Teziir who seeks magical artifacts. He has uncovered a long lost shrine to Holundi, along with two of Holundi’s belongings. Melgornarni is subdued and captured, and the group splits up. Dalthon, Jebeddo, Teldowen and Wicasa escort the evil wizard back to Teziir while Sentalial and JadeBlade return to Threshold with the fallen V.L. and the artifacts of Holundi. Nilmith once again uses one of the Scrolls of Beldishor and revives V.L.
  • Encounters: Gray Render, Purple Worm, Melgornarni
  • Achievements: The group uncovered Holundi’s artifacts and returned them to Julbin. The sage identifies them as the Robe of the Archmage and the Staff of Enchantment. The evil wizard is being brought back to Teziir for justice, but Melgornarni has promised a fortune of gems for his release.


  1. Delthan has the classic double critical fumble. Nothing like a 99 on the critical fumble table to have twice the fun. Random fluid in eyes and spectacular display of ineptitude. Still, he fought it of like a champ. At least he wasn't blasted in the back by the purple worm's poisonous stinger like VL. Such a violent death for a violent guy!

  2. Teldowen, SAVED from the purple worm's gullet by Wicasa as he dimension doors INTO the creatures mouth and shadow walks the gold elf to safety. HELL YES!