Friday, November 14, 2008

The Haunts of Blue Rock Lodge

  • Characters: Cheynar, Hadith, Wicasa
  • NPCs: nobleman Ben Darklighter, Raxel the Rancher, Nerius Bootlum, Kyle R. Tanner, Rort, caravan master Tim
  • Synopsis: A caravan arrives from Westgate carrying a nobleman named Ben Darklighter. He travels west in hopes to rendezvous with a friend from Waterdeep. The hard ride from Westgate took two days of non-stop travel but was not without molestation. A thief in the caravan stole an heirloom ring. Ben hires the trio to retrieve his ring. They speak with the caravan master Jayk Gemstryke who is staying on the lands of Raxel the rancher. Reviewing the manifest of travelers they find the only unaccounted for listee “Kyler” and see that his destination was the Blue Rock Lodge in the haunted Knight’s Sway Forest. The group consults Rort who tells them that the lodge is known for hunters that trade in lion pelts but that the forest has deterred many travelers because of the dire nature, mysterious denizens and unnatural creatures. Undeterred the three adventurers follow a blood trail to the lodge and are plagued by an unseen creature that challenges their sanity. The lodge is abandoned save for a disgusting and decaying man identified as Kyle R. Tanner from Westgate. They put the man out of his misery, retrieve the heirloom ring, and leave the haunted lodge.
  • Encounters: dead hunter, emaciated lion, undead wendigo
  • Achievements: Wicasa completes the transaction with Los Calzo for the commissioned Cape of the Mountebank, the group retrieves the missing heirloom and Wicasa establishes a potential business plan with Ben Darklighter for operations in Teziir.

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