Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Crown of the Shaman Margool

  • Characters: Domollo Blue, Ilora, Janora, Karne, Parathus
  • NPCs: Shaman Margool, Yye-Biff, Gribbold
  • Synopsis: The Shaman Margool lays his visions upon an unsuspecting group at the Verse, identifying their goal for freeing the gnomes of Burrock from their cryogenic stasis. The cryptic directions allude to returning to the tunnels beneath Threshold and using the crown of a lost kingdom “to set them free”.
  • Encounters: grimlocks invading Rellun Sherry’s villa – resulting in Rellun’s death, skeletons lead by a wraith
  • Achievements: uncovered the mass grave site of Threshold and the connecting shaft to Kline’s cottage, returned to the surface to gather undead hunters

Friday, December 5, 2008

Another Update to the Site & VD

UPDATE: Got rid of commenting system and the "Continue reading" link.

Made another change. Now if you only want to read a summary of the post you can, but if you want to read the exciting detailed stuff you can click on the "Continue reading" link. It starts with this post.

Try it so you can get some details on the the commenting system.

If you use the commenting system, you don't have to put your email address in, just your name. If you choose to put your email address you will get an email every time someone replies to your comment. That sucks because if there is a great discussion, you'll get a lot. I do not recommend putting your email in. If you do choose to do it because you use filters for your emails, your email address will not be published, it's just to notify only you that there was a reply.

Also you do not have to sign up for anything. It was just added so that if you wanted to reply to a comment, it would be in the correct tree location.

Now, since I'm not a DM, I cannot treat you to any XP, however, I can give you a video treat...