Friday, May 21, 2010

The Missing Vernal Key of Redcliff

Characters: Hlinthi, Pardonei, Softfoot, Teldowen, Zamtul

NPCs: Mayor Andalor, The Shaman Margool, Ost Untomoinen, Ilda Seppatar

Synopsis: Following the cryptic ramblings of the shaman Margool, the adventurers use magic to traverse the dire wintry lands to the small town of Redcliff. Their arrival coincides with the mayor Andalor presiding over the very troubled townfolk at the Inclusive Hall, the local gathering site typically reserved for worship. Andalor is entirely relieved when Zamtul arrives with several new faces. The mayor of Redcliff pulls them aside to detail the theft of the town’s only protection against the harsh winter, the Vernal Key. This mystical artifact is the only thing keeping the town alive, and now that it is missing, the magical properties that repeled the encroaching winter are gone as well. Redcliff is going to be swallowed by morning.

Andalor presents the facts as he knows them. Several days prior, a stranger came to Redcliff proclaiming treasure awaited those brave enough to enter the mysterious ice glacier that appeared recently on the farside of the mountain abutting Redcliff. This hint of wealth enticed a charismatic adventurer named Geppa to gather her band of merry men to journey to the glacier and explore it. Along with Geppa went Arel, Eron, Tech, and Ulric. When they did not return there was a small hush across the townfolk. The next morning, the Vernal Key was gone. The mayor is patient with the details, describing the artifact and the few town elders that new of the full-day ritual needed to excise the protection magicks. Only he, Ilda Seppatar, Ost Untamoinen, and Ilmanu Luuko knew of the Vernal Key.

The group decides to visit Ost at his Deerstalkers’ Lodge, where nearly ever woodland creature was stuffed and mounted on the wall. Ost welcomed the party as the establishment was devoid of outsiders, typically the wealthy nobles of Westgate that were interested in a good hunt. The oppressive winter season, not to mention the corruption of Westgate, had completely obliterated his business. Over a hot meal Ost describes the location of the glacier and offers to take them to the site. But after the rumors of Geppa’s demise, he refuses to go beyond the entry. The innkeeper is extremely hospitable and drafts a quick sketch of landmarks to target their path.

The group is adamant about visiting Ilda, the current caretaker of the Vernal Key. Ever since its disappearance she has shuttered herself inside the Stone Shrine, an intimate setting for isolated worship of numerous deities. At the shrine, Ilda is convinced to host the group along with Ost. Her mood is broken when the hastily drafted map is shown to the dwarf. She chuckles at the sketch, implying that her cartographer skills were applied to Geppa’s map. Ilda then mentions that Geppa’s secret beau is Aric they shy man who hides behind his puppets at the marketplace. The mere mention of Aric shocks Ost, as the innkeeper recalls sharing some ales with the man the night prior. Ilda leeps at the half-elf, declaring him a fool for spilling the secrets of the town elders. Perhaps Ost’s weakness for the spirits has grown during this season’s downturn in business.

Ost’s guilt rises when the party goes to leave and the door is jammed from the snow drift that wasn’t there several minutes ago. The weather is going to bury Redcliff by morning. With no time to waste the party treks to the Deerstalkers’ Lodge and prepares for the long night ahead of them. If they are to find the Vernal Key, the must find Aric the puppeteer. To find him, they will have to enter the glacier and seek the truth of Geppa and her missing band.

Encounters: Redcliff townhall meeting, speaking with the mayor Andalor, the innkeeper Ost, and the high priestess Ilda

Achievements: traveled to Redcliff through the harsh winter storm, investigated the mystery of the stolen Vernal Key, and determined the possible culprit.

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