Friday, May 21, 2010

The Evils of Doctor Duvalis and Queen Andiasin

Characters: Barl Bloodbones, Belton Stoutshield, Domollo Blue, JadeBlade, Vi’Helm

NPCs: Magoovial Hammerstriker, Doctor Duvalis, Queen Andiasin

Synopsis: Recovering from the smackdown delivered by the vampire Arkmeinos, the group dusts itself off and investigates the room and bodies. The man armed with cutlery and dressed in a heavy leather apron is identified as Jocylina’s lover Rolth. Numerous manic letters from the elf sorceress are found on his person. The prisoner of the vampire was definitely Jocylina’s stolen prize Ruan, the minstrel of the party at the Carowyn Manor.

Their defeat at the hands of Arkmeinos still lingers as the group explores the room. The tactics of the Physician’s Assistants reveal the mysterious green solution brewing in the massive culdrons. The room is facilitating the development of the Bloodveil disease. The manufactured virus was planted in the Teziiran population by those under Rolth’s direction. Domollo explores the upper catwalks once again and hears movement beyond one of the doors. With their presence already detected the group enters the room with expert tactics, but finds the one man behind it all. Surrounded by four of his minions, Doctor Duvalis stands secure behind his men, slowly clapping at the group’s detective skills.

Domollo questions the man on his morality, and is confounded by Duvalis’ bravado and lack of conscience. The man who engineered the deaths of hundreds, maybe thousands, claims promised gold was motive enough. The revelation sparks the group to action as JadeBlade focuses in on the doctor and charges past the minions. Again, combat spills throughout the room as the melee pivots in between massive glass chambers housing mysterious creatures. The four Physician’s Assistants are tested, but each remains beholden to the doctor. It is a truly vicious blast from JadeBlade’s dwarven war axe that stuns Duvalis. With his dying breath the evil man whispers, “What good is a reward if you’re not around to use it.” The words a buried beneath the doctor’s lifeless form.

The Physician’s Assistants are left alone, but a mysterious female voice beckons them to try for victory. One of the men unsuccessfully attempts to bash one of the glass chambers but cannot break it. The hideous aberration contained within twitches with life, all but screaming for its freedom. The creature’s prison holds and the last of the doctor’s followers is killed. The two double doors leading beyond are ajar, unable to contain the taunting voice coming from within. Domollo surmises that the owner is the mysterious Queen Andiasin, only spoken of by the likes of the Gray Maidens and followers of Duvalis. Perhaps it is Eliosa Arabasi’s alter ego, for her justice has yet to be served.

Before proceeding to the hidden voice’s location, Magoovial stops the group. As his eyes turn white, the healing energies wash over the investigators. It is Torm’s will that baptizes them with new energy and reinvigored life. No longer are they suffering from wounds; spells have returned to their minds, and mystic energies have filled their souls. After but a moment, Magoovial collapses. He lives but is incapacitated. The miracle stands as a testament to Torm’s reach. They have received the god-touch.

The lone figure in the room dominates half of the group, forcing them to pay homage for being in her presence. But the defiant Vi’Helm restores the will of the oppressed and the battle rages. Surrounded in obfuscating mist, Queen Andiasin finds the enlarged target that is Barl Bloodbones and buries her scythe deep in the Underdark dwarf. The two precise strikes prove deadly and Barl dies. From Vi’Helm’s divine vision, she senses her companion’s life force vanish. Domollo’s efforts to save the dwarf are fruitless. JadeBlade’s rage devours the dwarf as he races around the room attempting to find the flying queen.

Vi’Helm focuses her mind and disperses the mist. Finding her target she casts a spell allowing the raging JadeBlade the gift of flight. Now the queen cannot hide in the air. From beyond the Material Plane the god-touched Barl Bloodbones is met by the blessed Torm. The deity challenges the deep dwarf. As is the choice of all who parish, Barl is given the ability to return. But if he is to again walk the Material Plan, it must be as an avenger for the god. Barl promises to execute all who stand against Torm, and awakens in the midst of battle against Queen Andiasin.

The return of their fallen comrade is enough to flood the room with the morale of the adventurers. Barl stands to flank the flying witch with JadeBlade and through their combined blades, and the spells of Vi’Helm and Belton, Andiasin becomes the queen of nothing. Her body crashes to the ground, spilling the central fountain’s water, thus ending her reign of terror. Now the group has everything they need to indict the villains behind the Bloodveil. If only they could find the cure.

Encounters: four Physician’s Assistants, Doctor Duvalis, Queen Andiasin

Achievements: discovered the manufacturing facility of the Bloodveil, defeated Doctor Duvalis and his Physician’s Assistants, touched by the god Torm, and killed the witch Queen Andiasin.

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