Friday, May 21, 2010

The Black Bard Mystenaculis

Characters: Cromwell, Dorian the Shadowhunter, Gallipolas, Karne, Krullix, Jebeddo, Lazbin, Maulgrim, Pardonei, Rathgillian, Vindicus, X-Requinn

NPCs: Queen Eliasa, Vall, Zedrick Neely, Mystenaculis

Synopsis: The moment Mystenaculis’ prismatic wall is destroyed, the group attacks with the fury and gusto of an army. They must avenge the months of torment, torture, turmoil, and tribulations they have experienced since before the walls of Kelvin fell. Almost immediately, the power of Mystenaculis is felt when the lich king extracts the souls of Rathgillian and Cromwell into a gem of death. The blow is felt across the room as the group watches their mightiest fighters fall lifeless to the cold, stone floor.

Pardonei is pulled into the darkness beyond the temple’s floor and Gallipolas gives chase. Beyond their sight, the group can hear the druid’s force attack screeching horrors that can only be imagined. The remaining iron golems are slowed by lightening magic from Jebeddo and Dorian. The effect is enough to aid the front line who destroys the constructs. Lazbin and Vindicus focus on the evil entitiy, casting spell after spell with little to no effect.

The battle turns when Zedrick Neely releases the portal to his hidden dimension once again. From inside the queen elf Eliasa of the Lorel Leaf Woods emerges along with the white armored paladin Maulgrim. Immediately her mysterious song of ancient dialect fills the massive chamber assaulting Mystenaculis. The effect is overpowering and the group is able to effectively attack the Black Bard. In a glorious united strike, the adventurers destroy Mystenaculis but as his venerated body implodes a disturbing cloud floats into the blackness surrounding the shrine.

As sounds of bones and hyperextended ligaments spew from the darkness, the group only has seconds to recover. Healing is administered and spells temporarily boost the group’s strength. The sounds of impending doom grow louder as the party stands in complete defiance. But as a monstrosity emerges from the unnatural void, a wave a fear drowns the group, sending several members running for their lives in shear panic. Hovering in front of them is a massive dragon skeleton, its rotting scales somehow dangling from its decaying carcass. Mystenaculis lives!

The group’s effort just to remain in the dracolich’s presence takes all of their collective focus. The dragon’s crooked teeth form a wicked smile and from within its rotting belly, the telltale sounds of acid boil to its maw. Spewing across the room, acid burns the remaining adventurers. But the lack of additional targets for the group hinders the dragon. It is the sole focus of all of their attacks, and after an exchange of blows, the dracolich is destroyed. This time Mystenaculis is completely and utterly annihilated. Without a phylactery or another body, his essence is forever gone.

With victory in hand, Zedrick Neely releases his men from the extradimensional space. The masked creepers of the shadows are too fluid and too many to count. Although the group has reservations about the follower of Mask assuming control Dorian assures them that the damage to Westgate has been done. For years to come the city will be tarnished by Mystenaculis’ actions. Many of its citizen parished under the harsh rule or were victims of the establishment in other ways. Zedrick Neely can have his dead city. The assaulting force of the Circle of Holundi is successful in defeating the Red Guards and Green Guards as they surrender to insurmountable odds. And as the Black Guards disappeared with the destruction of Mystenaculis. The battle against evil is over for this day. The blackest night is over, and the brightest day has begun. The lands of the Dragon Coast enter a heroic age.

Encounters: Mystenaculis, dracolich

Achievements: defeated Mystenaculis and the dracolich, freed Westgate from the rule of the Dragon Coast Alliance, and allowed the power vacuum to be filled by Zedrick Neely and the Night Masks.

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