Friday, May 21, 2010

Journey to Suzail

Characters: Brother Grimes, Hadith, Teldowen, Vall, Wicasa

NPCs: Vaushus Green

Synopsis: Vall gathers trust-worthy allies to journey to the grand city of Suzail in the lands of Cormyr to escape the winter-covered lands of the Dragon Coast. Through Julbin’s methods they travel through a magical portal to arrive at the bustling city. Although Cormyr is experiencing a cold winter, the embrace isn’t near the grasp it has on the Dragon Coast. Moving through the marketplace, the party experiences all that is Suzail. Meat is purchased, inns and taverns are patronized, and ales are sampled. They meet the man called Brother Grimes, follower of the Laughing Rogue, who is petitioned by Wicasa’s alter ego Witterrup to join them.

At the Hidden Lady, the female dwarf barkeep Vaushus Green relates a tale of a grief-stricken abode outside of the city. With the only other prospect being to return to Threshold, the group decides to investigate the house. A cozy abode is quiet, but not unoccupied. In the kitchen a red-haired female warrior stands with two hill giants and attacks the group. Responding to the commands of the fighter, the giants obey and identify their leader as Jenna. The tight confines of the room hinder the movement of the giants, and the experienced adventurers defeat the obvious intruders.

Searching the lower level, the group finds an underground access point to a strange water source. Several dead corpses are identified as those of skum, water-dwelling creatures typically subservient to a greater master. Witterrup relates some of the Cormyrean laws that rule the land, and that this minor expedition may result in the attraction of the law. The unknown element of the adventure is enough for the party to extract themselves from the house and return to the Hidden Lady. Their experiences are relayed to Vaushus who thanks them for their knowledge and offers a meal on the house. Suzail’s hospitality truly overshadows the status of Threshold, but the group returns via Julbin’s magic portal all the wiser.

Encounters: two hill giants, female warrior

Achievements: used the Guild of the Naturalists’ mirror gate to journey to Suzail, witnessed the disparity in weather between Cormyr and the Dragon Coast, investigated a mysterious abode and dispatched the trespassers.

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