Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Revenge of the Master Scryer Saluth

  • Characters: Hlinthi, Lazbin, Nobanion, Rathgillian, Softfoot, Trizoon, V.L., Zaytheon
  • NPCs: Kirken, Saluth
  • Synopsis: Uninterested in the tracking of the Historian, Lazbin and Rathgillian return to Threshold to enjoy the relative seclusion the town offers. The better part of a tenday is spent researching new spells and finally relaxing after what seems like a lifetime of adventuring. Softfoot meets the two at the Verse updating them on the failed negotiations between Dorian and the Wizards of Tendale. The halfling had excused himself, choosing not to indulge in the quest for the Historian any longer. More interested in their research, Softfoot suggests the local sage Julbin Cometstrike for additional information on spell mastery and unusual arcane knowledge. The three make for the mage’s hut, but their inquiry is summarily checked when the mage’s brownie apprentice doesn’t recognize them. Kirken suggests friendlier faces from the guild hall and shuts the door. Undeterred Lazbin and Rathgillian recruit several other friendly faces, gathering the quasi-leaders of the Adventurers’ Guild of Threshold Trizoon, Hlinthi, and Nobanion. Zaytheon and V.L. recognize their sometimes companions and journey along for the ride, more interested in the updates with the Historian and the Army of Nature’s Wrath than any sorcery. Appearing on the snowed-over streets near Jublin’s hut, a cluster of vile and disgusting demons magically appears. Standing behind them, cackling about revenge and death, is Saluth. Instinctively both Lazbin and Rathgillian reach for their amulets of non-detection, realizing too late that they adorn different amulets. The gnome illusionist Ninove had warned them about the master scryer’s abilities, but it went unheeded. The cursing and gnashing of teeth is unrelenting and with a wave of his hand Saluth releases the devils on the group. The targets of the devil are instantly recognized as both Rathgillian and Lazbin are directly attacked. A swarm of miniaturized devils envelopes Lazbin but before he can retaliate, Saluth wickedly casts the feeble mind spell upon the blood mage, swiping his intellect. Reverting to his true instincts, Lazbin flies into the frosty sky to escape. The other devils form an effective front for Saluth, but Rathgillian accepts the inevitable hits as his charges his nemesis and assaults Saluth directly. The assassin devil vanishes, striking from its hidden niche. The legion devils act as one unit, striking with unerring accuracy at the heroes. The tide turns when Rathgillian critically wounds Saluth and Hlinthi follows with a flame strike, bathing the wizard in a shower of fire. The combination overwhelms Saluth’s defenses and his charred corpse crumbles into the bloodied snow. Concentrating on their remaining enemies, the group surrounds their invisible foe after ending the legion devil collective. With the strike force dismantles the assassin devil and the devil swarm vanishes without a trace. A quick assessment of Lazbin yields uneasy results. His feeble mind can only be healed by the magic of the druid Gallipolas who is miles from Threshold in the vast that is the Orsraun Mountains.
  • Encounters: Saluth, four legion devils, an assassin devil, and an ayperobos swarm
  • Achievements: killed the master scryer for the Forces of Mystenaculis, recognized the importance of wearing Mikailis’ amulets of non-detection.

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