Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Wizards of Tendale and the Druids of Cedarspoke Summit

  • Characters: Aramir, Dorian, Forkbeard, Gallipolas, Krullix, Lazbin, Rathgillian
  • NPCs: Jebeddo, Karne, Wizards of Tendale
  • Synopsis: The adventurers consult with a revitalized Julbin Cometstrike, sage of Threshold. His hut is organized and reflects the new direction the master arcanist has taken. Interrupting his research, Rathgillian seeks assistance in restoring Lazbin’s mind. Julbin can only offer to open a portal to the inn where the Wizards of Tendale hold their summits and trade negotiations. It would seem that the Guild of Naturalists at some time in their past had interests inline with Tendale. Julbin opens the portal only after suggesting that Lazbin and Rathgillian would be a major asset should they decide to return and help the sage in a new quest. Perhaps in the future. The two move through the portal, appearing in the frozen mountains of separating the Dragon Coast from the Vilhoun Reach. Up ahead Rathgillian guides the feeble-minded wizard to the inn where the eldritch spellsword knight determines true north and very quickly leaves to find the only one he knows to cure Lazbin’s affliction, Gallipolas. An hour’s journey finds his comrades standing amidst the ruins of a heard of might stags. The group had been attacked but easily outmatched the group of outsider beasts. Deciding to camp for the night, the Defenders break out and discuss their options. In the morning the group moves north to the Wizards’ inn and stake out the location. Gallipolas and Aramir infiltrate the two-story establishment, finding only wizards, stable boys and chefs. The ninja halfling ghost-steps through the rooms killing two unsuspecting wizards before meeting up with the elf druid. The two agree to bring the others in through a back door and assault the unsuspecting wizards. With disguises, subterfuge, and pre-equipped spells the melee begins after Gallipolas poses as Lady Nerisis and is caught when one of the wizards realizes he is an imposter; he had only just left the Lady of Tendale in the other room. Their cover is blown so the invisible attackers strike, quickly decimating the unprepared denizens of the inn. Blasting their way into the guarded portion, Gallipolas’ spells bring down the guardians and the house. The once-protected lounge is now empty accept for abandoned writings of the Historian. The draconic script implicates the Defenders, but also stops abruptly as it seems his was taken in the midst of scribing. The last line simply states that the Defenders discover they must travel to Cedarspoke to retrieve the Firehill Runestones. The burning establishment is vacant of any trace of the wizards, save for the victims of the invasion, dead beneath the collapsed flooring. The Historian is gone.
  • Encounters: a herd of Rejkars, an enclave of wizards, sorcerers, and mercenary rangers
  • Achievements: regained Lazbin’s mental prowess, infiltrated the Wizards of Tendale resort in the Orsraun Mountains, lost an opportunity to procure the Historian, acquired the Historian’s writings for the day uncovering a clue to the Shadow Lord’s puzzle.

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