Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Intercept of the Divine Hammer

  • Characters: Aramir, Dorian, Forkbeard, Gallipolas, Jebeddo, Karne, Krullix
  • NPCs: Mikailis, the Divine Hammer
  • Synopsis: At the rendezvous point, the group surprises two trolls investigating the decaying husk of the nine-headed hydra and quickly deals with the minor obstruction. Teleporting back to Reddansyr after the failed negotiations with the Wizards of Tendale, Dorian brings his companions to face Mikailis. The former apprentice is curt and reluctantly informs his old master of their progress, or more accurately their regress. Words are not lost between the two as Dorian lets the leader of the League of Wizards know that the elf intends to see this through. Mikailis can only offer a suggestion. The master wizard is aware of safe house used by the Wizards of Tendale on occasion. If the exchange is to occur, it is likely at this location. He then locates a trail out of Gulthmere Forest, a path to the safe house. Dorian gathers the others and exhausts his teleportation to bring them to Kelvin. It is a two-day march to the trail and another half-day of forced march to reach the safe house. Well after sundown, the group encounters a magical sphere. Aramir scouts ahead only to be spotted by a shape changer. As a polar bear, the beast throttles the halfling before reinforcements have a chance to act. Melee erupts as the polar bear is flanked by three others emerging from the protective bubble. Forkbeard charges into combat but the other three become entangled in Dorian’s summoned tentacles. The polar bear is the first to fall and Aramir is quickly brought back from the brink of death. Cries from the group leader reveal two names: Mahguvial and Otiluke. But no remorse is offered for the other three as their role in the ambush yields retribution. Inspecting the cart escorted by the Divine Hammer, they find only a large chest with too many gold coins to count. The small fortune in gold pieces reveals that it was only payment involved for the trade as this was no doubt the envoy of the Army of Nature’s Wrath. Standing in blood-stained snow, the group wonders what they have resorted to and is there a line between justice and revenge being crossed. Is the long arm of the Shadow Lord manipulating them too?
  • Encounters: two hill trolls, the Divine Hammer
  • Achievements: Intercepted the Army of Nature’s Wrath’s payment for the exchange of the Historian, annihilated the Divine Hammer

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