Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Teleport Gone Awry

  • Characters: Aramir, Dorian, Gallipolas, Pardonei, Zaytheon
  • NPCs: Pandira, Wystamitch
  • Synopsis: Dorian and Gallipolas assemble the group to teleport into Geron to begin the hunt for the Historian. As the spell is cast the group finds themselves in a round room lined with a silvery lattice. It is not Geron. Enclosed within a tower somewhere on the shores of the Sea of Fallen Stars, Dorian’s spell has failed. From below, two human females Pandira and Wystamitch climb the stairs and make introductions. They too were errantly teleported into this tower, and are separated from their companions. Having been at this location for some time, their exploration has found the escape but it is guarded by some fearsome creature. Gallipolas suspects their timely arrival, but focuses on gathering information about their current whereabouts. Leaving the tower as a small bird, it takes a fraction of an hour for Gallipolas to decipher their whereabouts. But the elf also finds the potential source of their problems. On the floor above them, a massive crystal resonates magic. The group ascends the stairs to investigate further, at which point two eel-like creatures with hideous faces strike from a hidden niche. Working well as a unit, the companions deal quickly with the threat. Dorian destroys the crystal device with a sonic blast that reverberates throughout the level, painfully striking the group itself. But the device is no more, only a pile a crystal shards. The two females they encountered earlier reappear only to attack the off-put group. As the battle quickly turns against the female humans, they attempt to flee, only to be cut down before their portal collapses. Observing that the wizard’s teleportation spell was successful, Dorian collects the others and vanishes from the tower, free from its magical clutches.
  • Encounters: a wizard, a fighter, two nagas
  • Achievements: destroyed the teleportation trap.

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