Friday, July 10, 2009

The Race Against the Terraken

  • Characters: Azla, Carn, Flannigan, Janora, Marlet, X-Requinn
  • Synopsis: The party explores High Port, discovering the decrepit quarters of the hobgoblins where three more lie in wait. The ambush is quickly quelled as Sentalial returns to the cave entrance to investigate the remaining hobgoblin guard. While venturing beneath the lock, Flannigan takes a terrible tumble down the steep stairs, nearly crippling himself in the process. But down below, the swashbuckler makes a discovery. His most recent adversary Poltur lies on the dried channel bed, his body twisted in impossible positions, a look of astonishment still etched into his face. Continuing along the underground channel, the group reaches a landing with double iron doors. Beyond the channel is blocked by a cave-in. As the mechanism for the doors is investigated, a trap is sprung and spikes descend from a hidden niche in the ceiling slicing Flannigan and Marlet. X-Requinn solves the conundrum by casting knock on doors, exposing another corridor and water-logged chamber. From beyond a hideous three-headed creature leaps at the group breathing an acidic burst on the adventurers. From old tales and myths, the creature can only be a chimera, but the beast is deformed with an unnatural black, leathery hide and features smoothed over by slime and over-exposure to water. Carn engages the beast, grappling the creature and occupying its direct attention. Janora and Marlet flank the beast as Azla and X-Requinn loose scorching rays, blasting the creature to annihilation. The wounded group spins to find that the iron doors were not disabled as the spikes retract and the door shuts. On their side of the doors, there are no levers to open the iron barricades. With no other option the group presses on, finding yet another flooded chamber. Marlet peers into the darkness, and sees the resemblance of a quarters submerged by the briny waters. But something stirs below, sending soft ripples across the water’s surface. The party has at least one more obstacle to overcome as time runs short to best the Terraken.
  • Encounters: three hobgoblin guards, trapped iron doors, sea-sworn chimera
  • Achievements: Confirmed that Poltur was killed, journeyed into the complex and reached the Dragon Isle, defeated the trapped doors and gained access to the caves, and killed the chimera guardian.

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