Saturday, July 4, 2009

Oppol Strikes Back

  • Characters: Belton Stoutshield, Cheynar, Dimak Cloudchaser Ogolakanu & Snow the wolf, Domollo Blue, Fash Daergel, JadeBlade
  • NPCs: Thuldrin Kreed
  • Synopsis: Wessalen Arturia of Teziir, Paladin of Torm, has sent an envoy to Threshold to assess the town’s need for a shrine or temple to his god. More importantly, the envoy has brought along much needed supplies. The early winters and prolonged war has sapped the town of its resources; Threshold is starving to death. Part of the envoy’s protection includes mercenaries from Teziir, Fash Daergel, Belton Stoutshield, and Cloudchaser. One last item is a sealed letter addressed to Dak and Cheynar of the Adventurers Guild of Threshold. The letter finds only Cheynar; it is from Wicasa Wakan. Under the guise of the potter Wolsyn, he has been indicted as conspiring against the Lumber Consortium of Teziir. He needs them to clear his name. Cheynar and JadeBlade return with the envoy and meet with Domollo Blue who says that Thuldrin Kreed, Gavel of the Lumber Consortium is paying adventurers a massive sum of coin to investigate one of Teziir’s main lumber camps that was attacked. If they can find evidence, any “evidence” at all, that Wolsyn was the responsible party or even tangentally connected, there is a bonus for their troubles. The group departs for the lumber camp only to walk into a complete and utter ambush. The entire camp is rigged with traps, undead kobolds, and huge stone-devouring beetle. Managing to survive half of the ambush, the party collects themselves and spots the kobold leader fleeing into the woods, praising the name “Oppol”. Deciding not to give chase, the group returns to Teziir to regroup and draft several others to track the kobolds back to their hideout.
  • Encounters: kobold zombies, chariot beetle, kobold warriors, undead kobold leader, centipede swarm, crossbow trap, log-pile trap
  • Achievements: discovered that the kobolds are from the Black Spear tribe and that the tribe’s leader Oppol has returned from the dead.

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