Saturday, July 4, 2009

Crainich Makes a Deal

  • Characters: Dak, Hlinthi, Karne, Pardonei, Softfoot, V.L.
  • NPCs: Crainich
  • Synopsis: A celebration is underway for the groundbreaking of the Chapel of Garl Glittergold. Hlinthi’s and Trizoon’s relations with the gnome priestesses from Burrock have yielded an unexpected result. The gnomes recovered a hidden reserve and are financing the chapel’s construction, having returned to Burrock leaving only Nilmith at Threshold. Partying into the early morning, only a few guild members make it back to the guild hall. With winter’s onset, the days early hours are still dark when multiple explosions rock the upper levels of the guild hall. The investigation finds the source behind the locked door of Crainich. The isolationist doesn’t respond to the inquiries as Softfoot takes to dismantling the three locks. From within a deep voice speaking infernal booms loudly speaking of greater numbers and “it takes two to lose”. Crainich’s sanctuary is well-protected as Softfoot steps aside for Karne and Dak. Brute force wins the day yet again as the pair breaks into the wizard’s room to find the drow in chains at the feet of a burning infernal creature twice the size of a normal man. The room is utterly destroyed with broken glass and shards of wood everywhere. Heat is prominent, spreading throughout and making the room oppressive. Dak and Karne rush in to save their sometimes companion, receiving ranged support from those outside. The defense of the guild hall is going well when the party is split as a wall of fire separates the combatants from those in the hallway. Pardonei targets the extra planar attacker with a dismissal spell. It vanishes from sight only to reappear and renew its taunts against the party. The attack is unrelenting until finally the efreeti vanishes leaving only a chained Crainich, his annihilated quarters and a pool of rippling blue flame. Crainich is cryptic and short-coming in his exploits but Pardonei is able to extract details behind his scheme. After retrieving the enslaved genie from the pouch he accumulated from adventuring in Teziir, the drow wizard forced the efreeti to open up a portal to Myth Drannor, a fallen elven city now overrun with denizens of the Underdark, walkers of the graveyard, and drow returning to the surface. His plans including vacating the guild hall and joining other drow exiles in Myth Drannor. Once the efreeti opened the portal it reversed positions with Crainich, enslaving him. During the investigation Softfoot and V.L. explore the pool of blue flame, eventually jumping through the opened portal. The rest follow to find an underground pool and a shrine to the goddess Mystra. Crainich’s betrayal to the guild hall is judged as Pardonei transports him back to the guild hall to be reviewed later; they cannot risk his waffling loyalty. As the group begins to explore the shrine they are attacked by an undead wizard loosing spells from down the hall. Working quickly, Karne challenges the creature head-on as the others catch up and flank the attacker. Its demon-red eyes fade after the final blow, leaving the group looking down the dark corridor into the unknown.
  • Encounters: Efreeti, Undead Wizard
  • Achievements: protected the guild hall from destruction, saved Crainich from slavery, learned of Myth Drannor, and secured the portal between the Dragon Coast and Myth Drannor.

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