Monday, June 8, 2009

Mettik’s Journal

  • Characters: Forkbeard, Janora, Krullix, Marlet & Unger, Trizoon, X-Requinn
  • NPCs: Caravan Master Adoward Moonshadow, Nerius Bootlum, Mettik
  • Synopsis: Krullix staggers into the guild hall from the wintered streets, worn from forced march. In a dire voice he ekes out that he a Janora were escorting a caravan west towards Ilipur when it was attacked. Krullix is the only one to make it back; Janora was taken along with everyone else. Trizoon gathers a rescue team including X-Requinn, Marlet and Forkbeard. Using Krullix as a guide the group prepares to depart put does some investigation regarding the caravan’s origin. Krullix says that Nerius Bootlum was using the caravan to deliver an item west, so the group goes to gather more information. Nerius says the item is an enchanted coffin to be delivered to Therhana Waveharp in Ilipur. The magical crafter says that the caravan was guided under Master Adoward Moonshadow, one known for his reputable services. The group wastes no more time and retraces Krullix’s steps back to the ambush. They follow humanoid tracks back into the hills leading to a cavern entrance, where they are attacked by guardian bugbears. The cavern entrance yields a large underground complex that uses varying platforms and rope ladders to delver further into the earth. After destroying two giant spiders, the party finds Janora hanging in the webbing and barely alive. She is healed and moves with the group to find someone who can only be the mastermind. A lone elf is hunched over a desk in a sparsely decorated chamber. With too many evil creatures already slain, the group doesn’t allow the elf to react as they launch to attack. In only seconds the scholar is killed, leaving only his journal indicating that his name was Mettik. The group expedites their withdrawal from the complex and makes for Threshold, content that one of their own has been saved from a disasterous end.
  • Encounters: three bugbears, humanoid spider creature, two giant spiders, Mettik the elven scholar
  • Achievements: destroyed the caravan attackers, killed Mettik, and saved Janora.

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