Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Song of the Sword of Geron and Other Hidden Treasures by Jarvis Blackgreaves and the Black Widows

  • Characters: Hlinthi, Jebeddo, Marlet & Unger, Sentalial, Trizoon, X-Requinn, Zatheon
  • NPCs: Jarvis Blackgreaves, Quint, Fah-Ceia Camm, locals of The Verse, Marvin Sage of Geron
  • Synopsis: Successfully returning from the Underdark with the rescued denizens of Threshold and Westgate, Trizoon leads the group to The Verse for drinks and discussion of what is next. A boisterous troupe has arrived in Threshold having heard to great tales of adventure by the small town’s occupants. Leading the trio is Jarvis Blackgreaves fronting two raven-haired twin sisters ominously referred to as the Black Widows. His performance is fantastic despite the misgivings of Trizoon. The visiting songsmith has attracted a small crowd following the performance which quickly dissipates under the magicks of the looming bard. One of the songs has sparked an interest in several of the guild members, notably the Sword of Geron. Prompting the entertainer to divulge his source, Jarvis yields that his hard-earned prize was retrieved from a tomb of riches outside of Geron. But the adventurers are cryptically warned that the tomb rests below ancient battlegrounds haunted by undead. X-Requinn attempts to coax the bard into leading a small group to the tomb as the artifacts must be retrieved and studied. Jarvis is having none of the pandering as he reminds the group that his interaction with his audience is limited to performances only. He points to another member of the audience at The Verse, fingering Quint the Navigator, captain of the Sea Jay Mark III. A friend of the Dragon Coast resistance, Quint offers voyage to Geron as he has made many acquaintances there. The party leaves the following morning arriving in the small town close to nightfall. The stories of undead come true the following day. Speaking with the crotchety old man Marvin, they are warned to avoid the randomly laid orchid and the seas of weeds and overgrowth adjacent to his property. During the initial reconnaissance the party is ambushed by ghouls lying in wait for potential victims. In the midst of battle, a ghostly black spirit arrives on horseback floating above the uneven ancient battlefield. Moving with swift speed and striking many times, the black guard is elusive against the group’s attacks. Even the mighty Sentalial’s holy sword isn’t enough to break the armor of their attacker. Its mount is not so luck as it becomes the primary target. The encounter is joined by who can only be Marvin the caretaker. His spells summoned from the god of filth Bane are devastating. Trizoon and Sentalial are caught in a storm of flame, and the combined injuries are more than Sentalial can withstand. The paladin of Torm falls dead joining uncounted others in the ancient battlegrounds. Rallying around the cries for revenge from Jebeddo, the group disables the flying black guard by slaying its mount and dropping it to earth. Trizoon completes the task by destroying the undead lancer. Zatheon’s arrows strike true as does Jebeddo’s magic bringing down the flying Marvin. Hlinthi races to retrieve Sentalial’s spirit, bring his soul back to the Material Plane. Through interrogation it is uncovered that the follower of Bane is in fact Joaquin Blackdawn. Promising justice for his black deeds, the group visits the revived shrine of Heironeous near the battleground. They are met with the angel Aramus Moonbow who thanks them for their efforts to release Bane’s hold on the grounds. The angel promises to reveal truths, but only to followers of Heironeous. But for their aid he deals immediate and final justice to the cleric of Bane, obliterating his material presence. The group returns to the cottage to find the animated dead bodies of the previous owners. Mercy is giving and the cottage is destroyed, burnt to the ground along with Blackdawn’s sundered offerings to his evil deity. Geron offers more secrets, but for another time and with other guild members.
  • Encounters: seven ghouls, undead black guard lancer and nightmare mount, Joaquin Blackdawn Cleric of Bane
  • Achievements: destroyed the haunt of the ancient battlegrounds, freed the angel of Heironeous Aramus Moonbow, dealt justice to Joaquin Blackdawn, and hallowed the grounds of the long-dead farmers of Geron.

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