Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Elizar’s Branded Hand

  • Characters: Marlett, Nobanion, Teldowen, Wicasa Wikan/Wolsyn, X-Requinn
  • NPCs: Piper Tall-Lad

  • Synopsis: Piper Tall-Lad mysteriously comes to the guild hall to report on the elusive and mythical bat creature that has plagued Threshold. Stating that he represents several of the outlying farmers, Piper relays that several cattle have been slain. The trust in the boy’s words is next to nothing, but several members decide to investigate lead by Nobanion the defacto town leader. The winter season stuck early and with food at a premium any source must be protected no matter how unreliable the initiate. While meeting with the owners of the Bean farmstead, a ploy is established to stake out the struggling cattle. It isn’t long before the slaughterer returns for its next meal. But the group is unprepared for the blue dragon that threatens to annihilate them with a single stroke!Teldowen strategically strikes the scaled beast with his magically primed glaive while Nobanion confronts it and Wolsyn uses his tricks of the trade. After a horrendous battle the dragon succumbs to the multiple strikes. Previously spoken tales of a dragon’s hidden hoard in the nearby mountains prompts Teldowen to convince the others that ancient elven artifacts may be among the dragon’s treasures. A two mile hike into the mountains is fortuitous when they uncover the lair. Protected by shambling mounds of earth and vegetation, the sacrificial chamber of the dragon’s master is discovered adorned with the symbols and markings of the evil god Erythnul. Moving into the sacred chamber the group finds a standing coffin and prepares for whomever or whatever it may contain. Violating the ancient sarcophagus, the group uncovers the true cause of dread of the citizens of Threshold, a startled vampire. Before any defense can be drawn, the group swiftly and decisively destroys the undead master. Their proficiency is one of a skilled group that has journeyed many treks together as not a single counterattack is made by the vampire. Only after permanently destroying the crypt’s sole possessor does the group finds the etching indicting the recipient of their wrath. The vampire’s name was Elizar and he is no more.

  • Encounters: blue dragon, two shambling mounds, large constrictor, vampire Elizar

  • Achievements: protected the outlying farmsteads from the preying blue dragon, discovered the secret of the bat-creature of Threshold, obliterating the vampire Elizar

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