Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Merchandizing the Teziiran Underworld

  • Characters: Domollo Blue, Froink Bolderheed, Haverchuk, Mace McCloud, RichLaFerniere, Umberger
  • NPCs: Wicasa Wikan, Perry Kettlewhistle

  • Synopsis: Weeks after a successful assault on a den of kobolds, the trio of Haverchuk, Mace McCloud of Pelor and RichLaFerniere have expended their hard fought earnings on women, game, and improper lodging. The secretive Men of the Basilisk have not contacted them following their successful enterprise. Just before day jobs are considered they are hailed by Domollo Blue while drinking at the Smelted Horse. Domollo took his exploits east and found nothing but war, bloated egos, and too many shifty characters from such small towns. One positive thing he did find was a potential employer named Wolsyn who dropped a retainer on the gregarious Domollo. He continues his tale saying that he followed the noble Wolsyn’s instructions to contact the short-folk Perry Kettlewhistle, proprietor of the local pottery shop. The halfling passed along a tip for coin. Domollo was to find hearty, like-minded types to check out a shady warehouse down by the docks. Evidently some business competitors are receiving illegal shipments and the group is to investigate. Wolsyn’s connects with the local guilds say that the shipments are not coming in from the trade routes, but by sea route. With the Dragonmere frozen over for the winter, it is pointed out the peculiarity of the situation. Domollo continues that their employer isn’t looking to get the shipments, or steal coin. He just wants to find out who’s responsible for the shipments, and if so, determine how he’s doing it. With the promise of one thousand gold pieces, the group is immediately interrupted by Froink Bolderheed who wants in, if anything just to keep his mouth shut. Domollo curses his boisterous voice and agrees. The group vacates the Smelted Horse and makes for the docks of Teziir. The early winter has all but shut down the receiving houses near the water’s iced edge as all shipments through the merchant city are arriving via trade routes. This is good in that the streets are deserted, making the scouting that much easier. Assuming a vantage point from adjacent cliffs, the group finds two bizarre hounds defending the dock-side entrance. Mace McCloud decides that the roof of the warehouse would make a better door and begins dismantling the tiles. Domollo and Froink try the front door, but before they can gain entry, they spot a lonely watchman. Domollo breaks from the task at hand and greets the disheveled dwarf Umberger. Earning paltry wages and no respect from the Teziiran Guard, he is easily persuaded by the twenty-five gold pieces promised by the slick Domollo. Gaining entry the party is attacked by a flying aberration and four humanoid ant-like creatures. The battle shifts from the storage area to the loading dock to the shipment lift as arrows and swords are loosed. Howling ceases on the outside as Haverchuk and RichLaFerniere pick away the beasts protecting the dock space. After dismantling the guardian and the workers, the party finds the administrator’s room. Before they can review any of the paperwork, Haverchuk is slammed by the massive desk as its animated drawers and legs come to life. Umberger has finally found his calling as he smashes the magicked furniture. Papers go everywhere, but the important ones are discovered. The most recent shipment was supplied from one Captain Rumjack. The warehouse was receiving the goods then delivering them to a merchant named Oblut Thoim, a friend of the Lords of Teziir and failed writer of the critically acclaimed yet commercial disaster Letters to a Sheltered Son. Among other unsavory individuals, Umberger claims to know an associate of Oblut, a dwarf sage named Melgornarni.

  • Encounters: two krenshars, lurking strangler, four formian workers, animated desk

  • Achievements: recovered a paper trail of the shipper of illegal contraband Rumjack to be delivered to the merchant Oblut Thoim and discovered correspondence to a dwarven sage named Melgornarni


  1. Getting a webcam: $50. Webcasting an adventure with three other players in Virginia: Free w/ internet service. Picture of a destroyed desk reflecting the animated desk attacking the adventurers: Priceless.

  2. We should do it again, AZ, UT, VA...