Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Tomb of Gygax

  • Characters: Alyssic, Dorian, Forkbeard, Gallipolas, Krullix, Lazbin, Marlett, Rathgillian, Roywyn, Softfoot, V.L.
  • NPCs: Ninove, Circle of Holundi leaders
  • Synopsis: The aging gnome illusionist Ninove approaches the group under the guise of the floating horseman, a creature that has plagued the Defenders for many months. She reveals her undercover status within the forces of Mystenaculis, particularly her affiliation with master scryer Saluth. Loyal to the Circle of Holundi she left Tendale with direction from Loothum, another gnome master illusionist, to penetrate the inner circle of those that would do the city harm. After both Holundi and Loothum were killed, she was without a contact and remained with Saluth, perpetrating his evil desires. It was only until after the Defenders were identified as the heroes of the Dragon Coast that were destined to defeat Mystenaculis was Ninove able to aid their efforts. Using the undead floating horseman she alerted them to surprise attacks by enemies time and time again. Now under illusion she comes to the Defenders to alert them that Councilman Dimlock has hired bard assassins to kill those that infiltrated his inner sanctum and stand between Mystenaculis and his return. The list includes: Forkbeard, Gallipolas, Roywyn, Marlet, Dorian, Alyssic, Softfoot, Lazbin, Rathgillian, Cromwell and Sir Vesten Roh-jar. She has been tasked with freeing Saluth from captivity. She reveals that Saluth is a master scryer and the coalition ruling the Dragon Coast has been unable to find the Defenders since his disappearance. Knowing that they do not trust her, she instructs them to retrieve Mikailis’ amulets of non-detection. They are hidden in the Tomb of Gygax which was once protected by the crazed blue dragon Brelefur in the pass of the Orsraun Mountains. After they retrieve the amulets she will contact them again to take Saluth into possession. Ninove will continue to feed information to the Circle of Holundi while providing bad intelligence to the Dragon Coast Coalition. The Defenders teleport to the tomb and work their way through a series of traps, deadly enemies and hidden corridors to find the horde of the ancient lich Acererak. But it is defended by a demilich construct that sucks Forkbeard’s soul from his body before being defeated.
  • Encounters: four-armed gargoyle, multiple portals containing eerie multi-colored mists, trapped electrified altar, a fearful mist, an oozing corrupture hidden behind a tapestry, warrior ghost, and a demilich construct
  • Achievements: At the cost of Forkbeard’s soul, the Defenders retrive the treasure horde of Acererak and Mikailis’ amulets of nondetection. The group returns to the illusion-protected encampment of the Circle of Holundi at the base of the Orsraun Mountains

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