Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Standing at the Gates of Hell

  • Characters: Alyssic, Cromwell, Dorian, Gallipolas, Krullix, Lazbin, Rathgillian
  • NPCs: Circle of Holundi leaders, Gull the Grim, Lord Topaz, Zedrick Neely
  • Synopsis: The leaders of the Circle of Holundi have developed a plan of attack to defeat the forces of Mystenaculis. Multiple tasks are before them and include infiltrating Westgate, destroying the reserve forces of the Black Legion and thus its supply line, and a secret task assigned by Mikailis. The master wizard states that the Icon of Kelvin is the phylactery of Mystenaculis and it must be destroyed, otherwise the war to defeat their enemy will never end. The Icon can be destroyed several ways, but the most likely to succedd method involves shattering it against the gates of hell. The Circle of Holundi is preparing multiple strike teams for the secret task and the Defenders accept, becoming the initial attempt. They are warned that the guardians of the gate are pit fiends, massive devils saturated in fire and fierce combatants. In preparation for the assault the Defenders are rewarded with magical enchantments crafted by Zedrick Neely. The former leader of the Night Masks of Westgate is given custody of the soul gem the binds Forkbeard with the instruction to seek out Mintassan the Planeswalker, Sage of Westgate. Zedrick will return to Westgate and retrieve Forkbeard’s soul. Mikailis opens a portal to Hell and the Defenders quickly move to the gate.
  • Encounters: two pit fiends
  • Achievements: After defeating the first pit fiend, the Icon of Kelvin is destroyed and Mystenaculis’ life essence is sucked under the gates of Hell. The group defeats the second pit fiend blocking their retreat and esacpes through the portal being chased by a legion of devils. Emerging on the other side they find that the Circle of Holundi has abandoned the illusionary camp and relocated it to a small village near the coast line of the Dragonmere. The village is called Threshold.

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