Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Hunt for the Black Legion War Champion Venduul

  • Characters: Cromwell, Dorian, Gallipolas, Hadith, Ilora, Karne, Krullix, Roywyn, Vindicus
  • NPCs: Circle of Holundi leaders, Floosk/Loothum, Vendul, Zedrick Neely
  • Synopsis: As the Circle of Holundi settles in the small village of Threshold, the Adventurers Guild of Threshold is assimilated into the resistence. Numerous adventurers that have already crossed paths with each other facilitate the integration. Moving into the abandoned farmstead of the slain family, the Disdens, the rebellion leaders are joined by the gnome illusionist Loothum, long thought deceased. Loothum is also the half-elf Floosk and the ogre warrior Bronx. His immortal curse transfers his soul to another humanoid creature if he is killed, but the transfers have caused him to lose portions of his memory. He has reconstructed the timeline of events and now can control his form at-will. Zedrick Neely confirms rumors that Roywyn has heard that vocal dissenters in Westgate have been rounded up and thrown into the prisons. The sage Mintassan is among the detained and even Zedrick cannot free the planeswalker. The Circle of Holundi has also further refined their battle plans to defeat the Black Legion and Mystenaculis. This includes attacking the rear forces of the Black Legion, reforming the League of Wizards (including the initiation of Dunrick the Daring), and commandeering the forces of Tendale, the Dark Lancers. Floosk has returned from infiltrating the Black Legion forces south of Reddansyr. These forces are being led by their warrior champion, the mountain troll Venduul, but he was unable to discern who the strategy mastermind is, as Venduul is only the leader of the Black Legion’s reserves. The leaders of the reserves have assumed control of the abandoned war mage college of the Order of the Fire Hawk. Loothum surmises that killing the mountain troll may shatter morale beyond reconstruction. Not being a member of the upper echelon of the Black Legion, Loothum was not given access to the compound, but he has the location of the plateau and the layout of the compound.
  • Encounters: pack of worgs, orc berserkers and war howlers regiment, orc battle priests, ice devil, Venduul the mountain troll, and ogre skullcrusher warriors
  • Achievements: The group infiltrates the compound, discovers the location of their enemies and develops a plan of attack. During the battle the ice devil flees, Venduul is slain, and the elite orc warriors are annihilated along with their ogre counterparts. The treasure horde of the ice devil is looted and the group returns to Threshold.

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