Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Westgate Extraction – The Tower

Characters: Alyssic, Aramir, Forkbeard, Sentalial, Trizoon,
NPCs: None
Synopsis: With the office level silent, the Defenders of the Dragon Coast stand in the Tower of Westgate facing two flights of stairs. There is some movement coming from the stairs leading to the upper floors of the Tower. Aramir turns to the ethereal and steps as a ghost to the upper echelons of the structure, encountering the armory level, the barracks level, the war planning level, and finally the treasury. Surrounded by wealth of great magnitude, four guardians adorned in black armor move to attack Aramir before he can extract himself from the room. The halfling escapes, returning to his allies to alert them of his findings.

Moving to the top of the stairs to assend the tower, the group is greeted by an awaiting platoon of red guards. Arrows bounce off their armor as the Defenders lay waste to the soldiers. Another set of stone stairs leads them to an almost vacant armory. With nothing ripe for the taking, the group continues and enters the barracks completely devoid of life. Moving quickly through the barracks the group encounters two more red guards foolish enough to stand their post. Evidently the wrath of their commander is worse than death as they fail to surrender and are quickly dropped. The next set of stairs is protected, but this time two green guards stand opposed to the party. Charging up the stair to meet their temporary roadblock, the group again lays waste to the Tower’s sentries to reach the conference level. Abandoned war rooms and vacant personal chambers offer nothing of value. But Aramir’s description of the treasury guides the party to the highest level of the Tower despite Alyssic’s misgivings of their direction. There is no sign of the prisoner they seek, Pretorius the Orator.

The wide circular hall provides access to the treasury door, but Aramir’s skills are foiled by the lock. As the halfling continues to work the door, the group is surprised as the black guards from the interior pass through the wall and engage in combat in the hallway. It becomes apparent that they are not dealing with the living as their weapons pass through the specter knights. Surrounded, the Defenders use what they know best: brute force. The tactic works well as two of the specters are defeated, their armor and bodies vanishing in a cloud of black dust and soot. But the black guards’ bastard swords strike true with a better frequency than the Defeners’, and Sentalial succumbs to the blows.

The fallen paladin draws the ire and rage of the specter knight as it foregoes its defense and moves over Sentalial to deliver a coup de grace. Forkbeard and Alyssic both succeed in striking the undead guardian and destroy it, saving their friend from the afterlife. Focusing on the remaining foe, the Defenders defeat it and revive Sentalial. They gain access to the treasury and find a vast accumulation of Westgate’s wealth, platinum and gold coins stacked neatly and art and gems categorized in some fashion. It is likely that this represents the plundered monies of a large part of the city, seeped in the figurative blood of their previous owners. With the economic life of Westgate in their hands, the group stands at the highest point of its grave.

Encounters: five red guards, two red guard sentries, two green guards, four specter black knights
Achievements: defeated the reserve sentries of the Tower of Westgate and secured the stolen wealth of Westgate.

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