Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Westgate Extraction – The Dungeons

Characters: Alyssic, Aramir, Forkbeard, Kylan, Sentalial, Vexander

NPCs: Olive Ruskettle, Pretorius the Orator, Jamar the Actress, Kysaer Whitemantle, and Highlord Abbot Grigor Khazaar

Synopsis: Trizoon leaves the Tower to check on the progress of the evacuation of refugees. He encounters Vexander and directs him to rendezvous with the group at the Tower. As the group discusses their options they meet the cleric Kylan who has been lying low during the occupation and witnessed the assault on the Tower. Kylan offers his services and immediately begins healing the injured party. As Vexander reaches the group, they are attacked from the stairwell by dark elf. Aramir succumbs to the poison but with the new healers present is quickly revived.

The group gives chase down into the depths of the hewn stone dungeon beneath the tower. The drow beckons the group into her domain and sicks mutilated undead beasts upon them. Outmatched and out-maneuvered, the drow succumbs to Forkbeard’s axe, but not before calling up her goddess Kiaransalee to resurrect her. Her words cease flowing as her head rolls on the floor.

Entering another chamber, Sentalial is quick to react to opening a wrong door. Slamming the door shut, the paladin prevents a massive acidic ooze from pouring into the room. They decide to explore an alternative route that leads them to a devil sentry. Stony spikes protrude in every direction from the creatures body as he immediately impails Sentalial, dragging him away from the group. Finding new targets the devil releases his catch and engages both Forkbeard and Alyssic. The grapple totters back and forth, but Alyssic and Sentalial bring their holy blades to bare and destroy the devil.

Continuing on the chosen path, the group comes across a vandalized statue of Kelemvor in a large octagonal room and hears the cries of the prisoners from beyond the chamber’s doors. A dingy corridor is lined with prison cells, but before any inquiries can be made, the group is attacked from both sides by flying devils. Forkbeard frees a prisoner and drafts him into war, only to find that the man abandon the battle and run for the exit. Unwilling to watch his enchanted axe vanish with the man, Forkbeard tackles him and returns him to the cell. As the group splinters to deal with the devils, Kylan unleaches a barrier of magical blades that destroy two of the flying devils, while Alyssic and Sentalial vanquish the remaining enemies.

From behind his cell door once again, Kysaer Whitemantle pleads for his freedom, begging for the group to let him go. Forkbeard is willing to let the fool rot, but Alyssic and Sentalial urge him to exercise restraint. The freed prisoners make for the Tower exit where Whitemantle is released. Moving quickly to the Water Gate, the group finds Trizoon and Merisio holding off several red guards while protecting the egress. The soldiers flee once the other arrive. Pretorius quickly addresses the refugees that have gathered at the Shore and instructs them to follow their liberators. It is a mad dash to the invisible portal entrance, but the refugees move through, believing that they are to discover a new home.

Encounters: drow arcane blackguard, two necrosis carnex, corrupture, stony devil, and four spine devils.

Achievements: defeated the guardians of the prisons, freed the voices of the oppressed refugees and slaves, and evacuated the refugees of New Kelvin and Shore survivors to Delzimmer.

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