Friday, February 26, 2010

Skarwall Keep – The Dead and Death of

Characters: Alyssic, Aramir, Forkbeard, Lazbin, Roywyn, Sentalial, Trebbor
NPCs: None
Synopsis: With the remains of the umbral dragon scattered across the lake of ice, the group hurries across the causeway and reenter the keep of the dead. Aramir ghost steps to the portcullis mechanism and raises the barrier. Parting the double doors just beyond, the group is witness to the results of a recent battle as bodies lay strewn across the broad chamber. With many in their dying positions, the corpses indicate this vicious battle was fought less than a day ago. As the party investigates the remains, a massive cluster of bodies emerges from a corner. All of the heads of the collective shriek in eternal pain as the sonic screams bathe the adenturers in pain. As the collective uses its arms and legs to reposition itself, the group is quick to respond, flanking the aberration and destroying it.

Ahead in the next room, both Lazbin and Aramir detect the faint sounds of battle. The group breaches the door of the adjacent chamber to find the resting place of an ancient dwarf warrior surrounded by rusted weapons, decaying armor and skeletal remains. Mere seconds pass as the shadows begin to coalesce to an overwhelming crescendo of the sounds of battle. So intense is the sound, their will is stripped bare. A shadowy humanoid lurches from the body of the fallen dwarf warrior, bearing down on Forkbeard all the while screaming for someone or something named Serithial. Overwhelmed and stretched thin, the group withdrawals to the previous room. Lazbin develops an attack strategy of striking the undead from a safe vantage point, surmising that the entity is bound to the singular room. The risk pays off as the combined range attacks whittle the wraith down to size, and ultimately destroy the haunting shadow.

Realing from the draining attacks, the group argues pursuing the Firehill Runestones versus withdrawing to live one more day. Alyssic offers her support, but only after her goals in Westgate have been achieved. Returning to the causeway gatehouse, Lazbin is true to his word and returns the cleric to Threshold. As snow begins to fall and the deadly winter strikes the Orsraund Mountains, Forkbeard and Trebbor remain stoic, fortifying themselves in the structure to await extradition. Morning comes along with Lazbin, who returns to Threshold with another spell. Buried under snow, Skarwall Keep will have to keep.

Encounters: corpse orgy, allip vortex haunt, dread wraith
Achievements: found and destroyed two more guardians, retreated to Threshold alive to tell the tale.

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