Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Fall of the Black Legion

  • Characters: Cromwell, Dorian the Shadowseeker, Gallipolas, Karne, Krullix, Jebeddo, Pardonei, Vindicus, X-Requinn
  • NPCs: Vall, Zedrick Neely
  • Synopsis: The dawn of the third day breaks and war erupts south of the River Reddan. Across from Reddansyr the united armies converge on the Black Legion. Consisting of the Army of Nature’s Wrath, the Dark Lancers of Assam, the surviving elves of Laurel Leaf Woods, and the Purple Knights of Cormyr, the united front crushes the forces of the Black Legion, but not without a toll. Huge swaths of the armies are cut down. But victory is had as the battlefields are cleared of enemies and virtuous warriors are laid to rest. The final confrontation is dawning as Zedrick Neely presents his case to exterminate Mystenaculis. The evil lords of Westgate have consolidated their might to within the Ministry of Defense, an occupied castle within the walls of Westgate. Great magics protect them, but Zedrick’s strategy for victory involves using a small invading force to infiltrate the Ministry and destroy Mystenaculis. His group will attack while the Black Guard is attacked from a massive invading force. Control of the city will rely upon breaching the walls, killing the occupying forces, and finally destroying those within the Ministry of Defense. Despite his reservations Gallipolas forms the plan to use obscuring mist and gaseous forms to sneak into the fortified keep. Knowing the layout of the castle, Zedrick can guide the group to the interior and attack their enemies from within. Zedrick Neely accepts the plan and puts it into action. The infiltration is successful as the group disguises itself as a gaseous cloud and seeps through the Ministry of Defense. At one point the monk known as Vall is detected walking unimpeded within the confines of the keep. He has betrayed them. Or the reach of the dopplegangers is far. They are lead past a dwarf blacksmith who is furiously forging arms and armor and down a darkened stair. In a vast chamber they find worshiping acolytes receiving blessing from a cloaked figure reeking of evil. This is Mystenaculis. He has taken form on the Material Plane. Four iron golems stand as sentries atop a massive platform enveloped by the darkness from below. The dimensions of the room are unknown as the ceremony is almost concluded. Seven mirror gates stand at the back of the platform as the first acolyte leaves the ceremony and enters the first gate. The group seeps into position to surprise the enemy as the second acolyte leaves through the second gate. Dorian summons massive black tentacles through the ground that grab the remaining followers of Mystenaculis. Floating onto the platform the Defenders appear from within the mist and attack. The platform is immediately separated by a wall of thorns set aflame by a massive fireball. Jebeddo smiles as the plan unfolds. Pardonei summons bolts of lightening to blast both the acolytes and the golems. Unaffected by any of the spells, Mystenaculis casts a spell that forms a prismatic wall in front of him. Each of the minions is targeted as Cromwell, Karne and Krullix receive blessings from Mystra’s follower X-Requinn. The battle plan unfolds as the acolytes are killed and the first iron golem falls. Mystenaculis’ protection is obliterated from the series of spells cast by the Defenders, exposing the fallen Black Bard of Myth Drannor. This battle will be one for the history tomes.
  • Encounters: four iron golems, seven acolytes of Mystenaculis, five Black Guards, Mystenaculis
  • Achievements: infiltrated the Ministry of Defense within Westgate, and located and engaged Mystenaculis and his followers.

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