Thursday, September 10, 2009

Teziir’s Men of the Basalisk

  • Characters: Alrak, Belton Stoutshield, Crulamin, Dimak Cloudchaser Ogolakanu, Farthick, Qualen
  • NPCs: Domollo Blue, Jynn of the Kelemvor Sect
  • Synopsis: Domollo Blue has gathered a small band of adventurers at the Smelted Horse in Teziir. A secret contact has been initiated with the Men of the Basalisk, an underground guild rumored to be attempting to take down the Astorians, thieves guild of Teziir. Domollo Blue’s task is to gather a group capable of achieving greatness, but also of surviving. The first task of their initiation is to seek out a crazed were-rat that sought the destruction of Teziir through a series of politically motivated kidnappings and murders, as well as attempted take-overs of the ratcatchers’ guild, the garbage collectors’ guild, and the sewer workers’ guild. The were-rat, one Vernon Archer, was thwarted in his conquest but escaped capture. The target lives on a garbarge scow, frozen in place off the docks in the gulf. The band braves the winter stricken streets only to be targeted by a sniper and a watcher. Both escape and the group calls off the pursuit in lieu of grabbing the attention of the Teziiran guard. Down at the docks, the were-rat’s barge is easy to locate, stacked high with refuse and ill-smelling waste that even winter’s wind cannot disperse. They are immediately attacked by two giant cockroaches as they maneuver onto the barge. The guardians are destroyed after a lengthy melee, and the party proceeds to the lone shack nestled within the mountains of garbage. Through the trapped door, the band stumbles into the firing range of the were-rat, quickly surrounding their target and coordinating the attack to their advantage. Vernon Archer is well dug in, and succeeds in voraciously biting Belton Stoutshield on his casting arm. The were-rat is systematically destroyed before it can infect anyone else, as the group discovers the lair’s treasure, and the almost unmentionable decayed corpse of another female were-rat, propped and meticulously maintained inside a storage closet. Domollo Blue promises to report their success, and if they are still interested, periodically meet the group at the Smelted Horse for further tasks from the secret Men of the Basalisk.
  • Encounters: Astorian sniper, two giant cockroaches, trapped door, the were-rat Vernon Archer
  • Achievements: gained an ally one of the local blacksmiths, Potter Helm, stumbled upon a hidden sect of Kelemvor with the contact Jynn, drew the attention of Astorian assassins, defeated the crazed were-rat Vernon Archer, but Belton succumbed to the bite of the lycanthrope.

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