Friday, August 28, 2009

Myth Drannor - The Demon Sword Seaker

  • Characters: Dak, Hlinthi, Karne, Pardonei, Softfoot, V.L., Zaytheon
  • NPCs: Jane
  • Synopsis: The party emerges from the tunnels below to mighty ruins overgrown with thick vegetation. What was once Myth Drannor is now a vast region of forgotten or ignored history with a cover of dense foliage. A large, relatively flat commons is flanked on either side by two buildings and headed by a mighty pyramid. Flashes of light reveal that the party is not alone. Breaking into small teams the group moves swiftly across the commons to investigate. Before they can reach the pyramid a mighty demon springs from another plane and challenges the party. But the demon is not the one who drew the party’s attention. A mysterious wizardess conjures an attack against the demon, assisting the group as the warriors wade in to attack. Towering over the commons the demon retreats after grappling Dak and V.L. The wizardess addresses the group introducing herself as Jane and directs them to the temple to retrieve their comrades. Again with their boots to the ground the party reaches the temple and envades, bringing the battle to the interior. The demon is defeated after the adventurers take advantage of their elevated position. Opening a dialog with Jane, the group discovers that the demon has a partner and that the two have been attempting to reassemble the “sword”. Each component of the sword is within the three buildings but the wizardess warns against completing the task sought by the demons. If they are to survive another venture into the abandoned city of Myth Drannor, they must regroup and rest.
  • Encounters: huge demon
  • Achievements: gained an ally with Jane the Wizard, defeated the demon and prevented the reassembly of the sword.

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