Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Protecting the Teziiran Trade Route

  • Characters: Dorian, Gallipolas, Softfoot
  • NPCs: Janora Spelloyal, Nerius Bootlum
  • Synopsis: Jenora Spelloyal races into town, furiously driving a wagon. The caravan she lead was sacked by frost giants on their way to Teziir. Jenora was hired by Nerius Bootlum to deliver goods to the nearby city. The only surviors are in the bed of the wagon; all of the additional security guards were slain. Gallipolas and Dorian gather Softfoot to go and seek vengeance on the giants and to check their trespassing. After teleporting to the area and searching for the remains of the caravan, the trio find the entrance to a relatively new lair. The infiltration begins immediately as one sentry after another is destroyed. They find the frost giant leader Gungir who is disintegrated and the frost giant queen who is burned to death in a shower of flame. The group releases a prisoner of the giants, an abomination part giant, part dragon, taking the name Wrathgar. The huge beast is assured of his freedom and allowed to leave to search and seek and destroy other frost giants in the region.
  • Encounters: den of four frost giants (including the clan leader Gungir), 2 ogres, 2 winter wolves, seven-headed cryohydra, skullcrusher ogre, dire bear, prisoner Wrathgar (dragon-kind centaur)
  • Achievements: Obliterated a frost giant outpost at the foot of the Giant’s Run Mountains, and resecured the trade route west to Teziir. Gained an ally in the battle versus the Black Legion.

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