Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nomad! or Heironeous’ Gold Knight of the Stonelands

  • Characters: Alyssic, Hlinthi, JadeBlade, Reesh, Trebbor

  • NPCs: Galt Pendle, the Gold Knight Vergand Hoplight

  • Synopsis: A knight of Heironeous seeks out the Ordained Shining Blade Champion Alyssic. Tall and lean, the novice paladin Galt Pendle hopes the Defender can find and retrieve the lost Gold Knight Vergand Hoplight, his master who wanders the Stonelands north of Cormyr laying waste to any evil. After a falling out with the Church, the Gold Knight left Cormyr hoping to justify his wayward path from the Church of Heironeous. With the potential of righting a fallen soldier of her god, or at least glean an understanding of his new purpose, Alyssic agrees to Galt’s pleas and gathers a group to find the Gold Knight. They are teleported to an ancient monument, the Beacon of Degg, a massive stone obelisk emerging from the desolate sands of the Stonelands. Dwarf faces adorn the four sides of the wonder, and begin speaking dwarven upon their arrival. Two massive horned scorpion-like creatures call to the summoning and attack the party. After defeating the beasts, battle calls from over a nearby dune. The group finds one who can only be the Gold Knight battling two massive giants, having already slain two others. Content to end his life in a grand battle, Vergand is aided by the party and the giants are slain. Three scavenger abominations scurry to the bloodied bodies and are also destroyed. Alyssic confronts Vergand Hoplight who describes his falling out with the Authority of the Church of Heironeous. Surely their god would not want a faithful follower to parish alone in this desert wasteland. Alyssic agrees to broker negotiations in return for Vergand’s aid against the Black Legion to save the Dragon Coast. Reunited with Galt, the Gold Knight agrees. Reesh finds a new calling in life and journeys into the unknown Stonelands alone, but with the well wishes of his friends.
  • Encounters: two stonesingers, three knell bettles, two sand giants

  • Achievements: Prevented the death of the Gold Night Vergand Hoplight, brought him back into the fold, and was bequeathed the legendary weapon, the Holy Avenger

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