Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hospice of the Blessed Maidens

  • Characters: Barl Bloodbones, Belton Stoutshield, Crulamin, Domollo Blue, Vi’Helm
  • NPCs: Eshtani Doctry, Aria Yelloweyes
  • Synopsis: Crulamin falls to Bloodveil, but his symptoms are the onset the disease. As other Teziirans have succumbed entirely, Crulamin still has strength left. The group convenes at the Smelted Horse where the puss-engulfed barbarian reports that he spoke with Aria Yelloweyes, a representative of a faction of wererats seeking solace in the sewers beneath the city. She is warring with Geargz, a militant wererat bent on following Vernon Archer’s goal of souring Teziir to the point of conquest for the population of wererats. She delivered to Crulamin a box saying that the Physicians of Doctor Duvalus had planted it in the nest of the wererats in the sewers as evidence that they initiated the Bloodveil plague. As Crulamin tells his story, the others provide him distance as they are joined by an elf cleric of Aerdrie Faenya named Vi’Helm. He harkens from the Reaching Woods, charged with investigating the outbreak as it has impacted Trader’s Road, an important trade route through the region. The priest Eshtani of the Temple of Torm redirected Vi’Helm to the Smelted Horse to rendezvous with the adventurers. More than glad to have the abilities of a true cleric, the group begins discussion of where to start their on-going detective work. Vi’Helm is relaying critical data to the party when Eshtani bursts through into the inn. Wracked with the Bloodveil, the priest struggles to speak “Hospice of the Blessed Maidens” before collapsing. Shocked but not stunned, the group brings the body to the Temple of Torm to bring Eshtani back from the spirit world. The shocking visages of the guards reveal the stunning disheartenment of Eshtani’s demise and chaos overtakes the temple. Domollo Blue steps to the front demanding that their ally be aided in every manner possible and that Crulamin be healed from the disease. Quaffing the potion to remove the Bloodveil Crulamin points out the rising column of black smoke over the Gray District, home to the undertakers, morticians, and burial priests of Teziir. Already pulled by previous distractions, the group bypasses the emergency continuing to the location of the Hospice of the Blessed Maidens. They find themselves in the warehouse district where the Arcona Imports receiving yard has been converted to a triage center. Entering through the loading docks, the group’s presence is discovered and battle ensues. An equal mix of Gray Maidens and Physicians attacks the group amidst the dying victims of the Bloodveil. The combat stretches over the length of the warehouse as well as to the rafters above. The group systematically reduces the greater numbers of the Maidens and Physicians as Barl bears his war axe down on the attendants. Dressed in one of the fallen Physicians, Domollo sequesters the administration nurse and her words are laced with fear over the attack. But ultimately she represents aid to the people of Teziir. With the attendants killed, the party drastically looks for any evidence of malevolence. Panic washes over Domollo’s countenance as nothing is found. They might have just slaughtered innocents. But charged with the cruel death of their friend and ally Eshtani, the group continues moving to the upper level of the warehouse. There they are accosted by two more Gray Maidens and, after a lengthy struggle, they reach a set of mighty doors decorated with unusual markings. Their last hope must lie just beyond.
  • Encounters: four gray maidens, four physicians of Dr. Duvalus, two gray maidens
  • Achievements: received damning evidence of espionage against Dr. Duvalus, Eshtani dies from exposure to the Blood Veil, and infiltrated the converted warehouse of the Hospice of the Blessed Maidens.

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